School Donation Request

Bernick’s recognizes the need for assistance within the communities we serve. 

However, it is impossible to contribute to every worthwhile effort and stay within our budget. Therefore the following criteria have been established to ensure a fair distribution of donations throughout the many communities we serve. This criterion is not in place to discourage organizations from requesting donations, but rather to maintain a direction of focus in answer to the ever-growing needs for support to a variety of organizations. The following lists the criteria:

  • The organization must be non-profit and be part of one of the communities we serve. If the request is for a specific event, the event must be within one of the communities we serve.
  • Requests must be formally submitted preferably on Bernick’s request form or your organizations letterhead.
  • Bernick’s donations committee meets once every two weeks to review requests received. Please submit your request at least four weeks in advance to ensure proper consideration.

Bernick’s believes organizations designed to assist children and the greatest numbers of people within the communities we serve are a priority. Examples: Girl & Boy Scouts, Boys & Girls Clubs, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, YMCA, United Way, and other Community Foundations.

Bernick’s is a major contributor to United Way and many other "global" organizations such as: YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, Community Centers, Scholarships, Foundations, American Cancer Society, The American Heart Association and others. Therefore, individual efforts (i.e.: individual Relay for Life fundraisers, Heart Walks fundraisers, Benefits, etc…) and requests made by individuals and/or for individuals are usually not approved. With this knowledge in mind, it is recommended that any individual requesting funds, products, or advertising support be informed that only in extreme circumstances would such a request be approved. 

Thank you for your efforts to make a difference in the community. We look forward to considering your request.