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Positive, long-term relationships are the key to our success. Our relationships with both our Team Members and our customers are mutually dependent. Team Members are responsible for developing strong customer relationships; approaching them with flexible, proactive and “can-do” attitudes.

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With winter finally behind us (we hope!), the upcoming 'celebration season' gives beverage retailers the chance to amp up their sales of sodas, beers, and bottled water.
by John Torgerson on April 15, 2015
The word “Über” stems from the German language, and translates literally to “over” or  “above and beyond”. It has been adopted into English language as somewhat of a slang term and used as a prefix for…
by Jill Kampa on April 9, 2015
When temperatures heat up, it may be difficult to keep your mind set on anything but the lake, pool, or air conditioning. But at Bernick’s, summer is when our team truly shines! With our mission to “Deliver The Fun”, you can expe…
by Kelly Walz on April 8, 2015
St. Cloud, Minn. – The Bernick Family Foundation announced today that it awarded $150,000 in grants focused on enriching the lives of youth and improving health through its fund at the Central Minnesota Community Foundation. 
by Jason Bernick on April 6, 2015
For decades, soda led the way in beverage trends. People would get a Pepsi with their burgers, A&W with their fries, and an orange Crush float for dessert. Other than breakfast, which was still dominated by apple and orange juice, it was all s…
by Leah Bernick on April 3, 2015