Our customers' needs are our #1 priority

Positive, long-term relationships are the key to our success. Our relationships with both our Team Members and our customers are mutually dependent. Team Members are responsible for developing strong customer relationships; approaching them with flexible, proactive and “can-do” attitudes.

The products, services, and people that take you from good, to great

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  If you find your current distributor isn’t quite meeting the needs of your business, it may be difficult to forge ahead to consider switching suppliers. Finding the best distributor for your business and needs involves much more than…
by Reed Stevens on July 6, 2015
At Bernick’s, we’re proud of our strong, long-lasting relationships with our partners and customers. We know you’ve heard it before, but it’s true; our customers are #1. All day, every day. We don’t just talk the talk, we wal…
by Julie Fandel on June 25, 2015
  Insight Brewing Company is pleased to announce our distribution partnership with Bernick’s, a Twin Cities based distribution company, effective June 20.  “We at Bernick’s are excited to partner with Insight to bring their gr…
by John Torgerson on June 24, 2015
Americans have a tendency to make a celebration – or holiday – out of anything these days. And rightfully so! Enjoying the small things is where true happiness lives. The 4th of July is a legitimate reason to celebrate; it’s a bi…
by Roberta Ringstad on June 22, 2015
At Bernick’s, we're known for our beverages and our vending supplies. No surprise there - we're a nation-wide leader in both categories.
by John Torgerson on June 19, 2015