Micro Markets Make a Difference

Micro markets are a modern, fresh take on classic vending solutions. By definition, a micro market is a custom-designed vending market with a self-checkout kiosk … all within the walls of your business or building. It’s a new, better way to eat, drink, and snack—any time of day.

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Partnership Statement

We view our micro market relationships with customers as dual-purpose—and together, we’re able to bring innovative, convenient, and healthy food and beverage options to people. We’ll handle the upkeep and ongoing support of the micro market within your business while you reap the benefits of satisfied employees, clients, and staff.

Micro Market Benefits

The biggest benefit of a Bernick’s micro market is they are free to install and maintain (that’s right, free!) and don’t require a complete overhaul of your current space. Bernick’s handles all delivery, service, and support, enabling you to stay focused on what you need to.

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Technology Integration

Bernick’s micro markets offer a variety of mobile and contactless pay options for safe, quick and convenient transactions. Our innovative technology system provides real time selling data, so we know exactly what to replenish. We analyze the data to increase popular items and replace slow sellers.


Something for Everyone

A Bernick’s micro market offers a wide range of meals, snacks, beverages, and healthy eating options. E.A.T.S. (aka Enjoyable and Tasty Selections) — is our exclusive line of locally-made food offerings we feature in our micro markets. Products include artisan sandwiches, fresh salads, craveable soups, and more—all crafted fresh for us five days a week.


Service You Can Count On

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Our customers are busy focusing on their businesses. We want to focus on theirs by taking service and maintenance out of that equation.

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Micro markets are an investment in culture and convenience alike; yet with Bernick’s they cost nothing to install or maintain. Read more about our process.
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