How to Use Micro Markets to Promote Employee Break Room Activities

Having a fun and convenient break room in an office or workplace is essential for various reasons. It goes beyond simply providing a space for employees to take breaks; it plays a crucial role in enhancing employee satisfaction, well-being, and overall productivity. If your building or location already has vending machines in place, you’re a step ahead. You undoubtedly value your employees’ well-being and success. However–have you considered how a micro market can act as a buoy for break room activities and employee satisfaction?

General Break Room Activities

A well-designed break room offers employees a much-needed space to unwind, relax, and recharge during their workday. Taking regular breaks in a pleasant environment can reduce stress levels, alleviate burnout, and improve mental well-being. Engaging within a well-designed space for employee breaks that is both fun and convenient can boost productivity. Employees who take regular breaks are more likely to stay focused, maintain energy levels, and perform better in their tasks.

A break room with enjoyable amenities can help employees de-stress and temporarily escape from work-related pressures. Engaging in fun activities or simply having a change of scenery can alleviate tension and promote a positive work environment. Intentional break rooms can foster informal interactions among employees from different teams, departments, or floors. This creates opportunities for team building, idea-sharing, and collaboration outside formal work settings.

Micro markets already offer your employees a number of benefits. These include convenience, healthy options, and increased productivity. You can also use your micro market to encourage and reward hard work as well as other incentives to not only create happier employees but also increase your bottom line.

Health and Wellness

A convenient break room can support employees' health and wellness goals by offering healthy snack options, fresh fruits, and hydration stations. A micro market checks all these boxes and more.

Talent Attraction and Retention

A fun and convenient break room can serve as a positive selling point for potential job candidates, contributing to talent attraction. It also helps retain existing employees, reducing turnover rates.

Creativity and Innovation

A break room that encourages creativity and relaxation can inspire employees and spark innovative ideas. Taking a mental break from work challenges can lead to fresh perspectives and problem-solving approaches.

Improved Employee Relations


A shared break room creates a sense of community among employees, breaking down hierarchical barriers and promoting open communication among team members. All of this over a cup of fresh coffee or a market-fresh sandwich? Even better. Everyone wants to feel like they’re being heard and that their input is valued. A suggestion box near your micro market is just the ticket. Spice up company meetings by reading suggestions out loud and having everyone vote on the suggested additions to the micro market.

Positive Company Image

An office with a fun and convenient break room reflects a positive company culture that cares about its employees' happiness and well-being. This can lead to a favorable reputation and attract positive attention from customers, partners, and stakeholders. Show employees you care while incentivizing micro market purchases. Don’t just have HR send a memo. Have a big meeting or smaller department meetings and let everyone know that they’ll be getting X dollars per paycheck to spend on healthy items from your micro market. You can provide each employee with a PIN, or give them a card that you reload each payday. This also can be used to reward employees for a job well done–give them some extra bucks in their account.

Micro Markets Can Improve the Environment of Your Break Room

The break room or other areas of congregation within your business or location are common spaces that encourage togetherness and to a point, relaxation. Today’s professional landscape is continuing to evolve and with it, the requirements on behalf of employees who devote their time and talent to such brands. Meeting the needs of your staff or team is as easy as extending consideration to how those spaces appeal to the people who use them. A dedicated space that offers a micro market and its convenience and attractive offerings further enhances the overall appeal of your workplace. Consider these benefits as all positive category elements:

  • Enhanced Morale: Providing a fun and convenient break room demonstrates that the company values and cares for its employees' well-being. This can significantly boost employee morale, leading to increased job satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Improved Work-Life Balance: A well-equipped break room allows employees to tend to personal needs and interests during break times, improving work-life balance and reducing the need to leave the office premises for small errands.
  • Employee Engagement: A fun break room encourages employees to spend their break time on-site, promoting a sense of belonging and engagement with the company culture.


Let Us Help to Make Your Break Room a Better Place

The benefits of a fun and convenient break room is a valuable investment in employee satisfaction, well-being, and overall workplace culture. Providing employees with a space to relax, socialize, and enjoy their breaks can have a significant positive impact on productivity, creativity, and employee engagement. It demonstrates the company's commitment to creating a supportive and enjoyable work environment, contributing to the success and growth of the organization.

Micro markets are the hottest vending option around, and the team at Bernick’s has everything you need to bring your employees the best possible food and beverage options. When you work with Bernick’s, you’re working with a partner who is invested in your success as much as our own.

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Published on: Nov 5, 2023

Topics: Micro Market

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