Soda Fountains

An innovative soda fountain machine, also known as a beverage dispenser or soda dispenser, is an advanced and technologically sophisticated device designed to dispense a variety of beverages, including carbonated soft drinks, flavored waters, juices, iced teas, and more. These machines have evolved significantly from traditional soda fountains and offer a range of features to enhance user experience and operational efficiency.

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What is a Soda Fountain?

One of the standout features of modern fountain machines is the ability for consumers to customize their beverages. They can select different flavors, mix drinks, adjust carbonation levels, and even add flavor shots or syrups. This equipment is designed to dispense a wide range of beverages beyond traditional sodas, including flavored waters, iced teas, energy drinks, and more. This versatility caters to diverse emerging and trend-worthy consumer preferences. Some of today’s machines are equipped with smart technology that enables remote monitoring, inventory management, and data analytics. This allows operators to track sales, manage inventory, and optimize machine performance in real-time. They can incorporate sustainable features, such as energy-efficient components, reduced water usage, and eco-friendly materials, aligning with environmental consciousness. Dedicated space issues? Many soda fountain machines are designed to be compact and space-efficient, making them suitable for a variety of locations, including restaurants, convenience stores, offices, and entertainment venues.

A Bernick’s soda fountain machine combines technological innovation, customization, and convenience to provide an enhanced and engaging beverage dispensing experience for consumers while offering operational benefits for businesses.

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Benefits of Installing Soda Fountains

A soda fountain can offer several benefits to your business, particularly in the food and beverage industry. A soda fountain allows you to expand your beverage menu beyond bottled options, offering a wide variety of soft drinks, flavored waters, iced teas, and more. This expanded menu can attract more customers, cater to different tastes, and encourage repeat visits. Bernick’s soda fountains often come with customization options, enabling customers to create their own beverage combinations with different flavors, syrups, and carbonation levels; this personalization can enhance the customer experience and set your business apart from competitors. Your soda fountain provides opportunities for upselling by offering larger sizes or combo deals that include beverages with food items and cross-selling can also occur as customers may be enticed to try new flavors or add-ons. Investing in a soda fountain can lead to cost savings over time compared to purchasing and stocking pre-packaged drinks. The profit margins on fountain beverages are typically higher than those on bottled drinks, making them a lucrative revenue stream for your business. A robust soda fountain program provides an interactive and engaging experience for customers as they create their own beverages, and this experience can leave a positive impression, leading to customer satisfaction and potential word-of-mouth referrals. You can even leverage the soda fountain to promote special offers, limited-time flavors, and loyalty programs through the touchscreen interface.

Are Soda Fountains for Every Business?

A soda fountain is versatile and can be used in various settings, including restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, entertainment venues, and more. These machines can adapt to different customer preferences and trends, ensuring its relevance over time. Integrating a soda fountain into your business can lead to increased revenue, improved customer engagement, and operational efficiencies, making it a valuable asset that contributes to your overall success.

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Soda Fountains for Healthcare

Establishing a robust soda fountain offering in healthcare settings can offer specific benefits that cater to the needs of patients, visitors, and staff. Healthcare facilities can be stressful and anxiety-inducing for patients and their families. Having a soda fountain with a variety of beverage options can provide a convenient and comforting respite. Patients and visitors can enjoy a refreshing drink while waiting for appointments or during recovery periods, enhancing their overall experience. Healthcare professionals often work long and demanding shifts. Providing a soda fountain allows staff members to access quick and convenient beverage options, helping them stay hydrated and energized. A soda fountain can contribute to a positive work environment, showing that the healthcare facility cares about the well-being of its dedicated staff. By implementing a soda fountain in healthcare settings, institutions can prioritize the comfort of patients, visitors, and staff, creating a more welcoming and supportive environment that contributes to overall well-being and satisfaction.

Fountain Machines for Restaurants

When it comes to the soda fountains in restaurants and bars, there’s no such thing as a secondary consideration. These machines are perhaps one of your establishment’s workhorses, keeping customers and guests satisfied refill after refill. And yet, so much possibility exists to further enhance your fountain offering to increase both sales and customer loyalty. How? Differentiate your restaurant by offering a range of unique and customizable beverage flavors that customers can't find elsewhere. Create signature soda blends, infuse flavors like fruit or herbs, or experiment with craft sodas that cater to diverse tastes. Provide options for customers to customize their drinks by choosing from various syrups, mix-ins, and carbonation levels, creating a memorable and personalized experience. Strategically pair soda fountain offerings with menu items to enhance the dining experience and encourage upselling. Suggest specific beverage pairings that complement the flavors of your dishes, such as a citrusy soda with a spicy dish or a fruity soda with a dessert. Create combo deals that include a beverage with certain menu items, enticing customers to opt for a complete meal package. By offering unique and customizable flavors while strategically aligning beverages with menu items, you can elevate the soda fountain experience in your restaurant, enticing customers to explore and enjoy a variety of drink options while maximizing your overall sales.

Soda Fountains for Offices & Workplaces

Introducing a soda fountain in workplaces can offer several advantages, promoting a positive and engaging environment for employees. A soda fountain provides employees with easy access to a variety of beverages, including carbonated drinks, flavored waters, and healthier options. Offering a diverse selection of beverages can contribute to employee satisfaction and well-being, as employees have the freedom to choose drinks that align with their preferences and dietary goals. It promotes a sense of care and consideration from the employer, showing that the workplace values employees' comfort and satisfaction. A soda fountain can transform the break room into a more inviting and enjoyable space for employees. Employees can socialize and relax while creating customized beverages, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among colleagues. This enhanced breakroom experience can contribute to stress reduction, improved morale, and a more positive work culture. By introducing a soda fountain in the workplace, employers can create a more dynamic and employee-centered environment, leading to increased job satisfaction, better employee interactions, and ultimately, improved overall productivity.

Fountain Soda for Hotels

Re-imagining your soda fountain machines in hotel settings can offer several advantages that enhance guest experiences and operational efficiency. Upgrading existing soda fountain machines with advanced features and customization options can provide a more engaging and enjoyable beverage experience for hotel guests. Touchscreen interfaces, customizable flavor selections, and the ability to mix and match beverages can create a unique and memorable interaction, adding a touch of novelty to the guest experience. Newer soda fountain machines often offer a broader range of beverage options, including flavored waters, sparkling beverages, and healthier drink alternatives. By upgrading, you can provide guests with a more extensive selection of beverages that cater to different tastes and dietary preferences, enhancing overall guest satisfaction. A well-imagined soda fountain machine can contribute to guest delight and differentiate your hotel by offering a modern and customizable beverage experience that aligns with current trends and customer expectations.

How to Maintain Soda Fountains

Maintaining a soda fountain is crucial for ensuring the quality of beverages, the longevity of the equipment, and the overall satisfaction of customers. But this ask or service standard should not fall on you alone. Partnering with a reputable soda fountain provider ensures the integrity and reliability of your fountain works beautifully with each pour. How Bernick’s helps: we regularly inspect and maintain all components of the soda fountain, including carbonation systems, pumps, refrigeration units, and dispensing mechanisms. This includes performing preventive maintenance tasks such as checking for leaks, replacing worn-out parts, and ensuring proper calibration. We’ll assist your team by training staff on proper soda fountain maintenance procedures, including cleaning, sanitization, and troubleshooting; educating employees on the importance of following hygiene and safety protocols to prevent contamination and breakdown ensures your machine’s functionality and longevity. Address any equipment malfunctions, leaks, or quality issues promptly to prevent customer dissatisfaction and ensure uninterrupted service. The Bernick’s standard principles of maintenance are just that—standard, so you can ensure that your soda fountain consistently delivers high-quality beverages, meets customer expectations, and operates efficiently over time.

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Are Soda Fountains Sustainable and Eco-Friendly? 

And what about the carbon footprint of your soda fountain? This is a very modern and relevant concern many businesses have, and we understand. We also strive to be compliant and responsible when it comes to our equipment and products. Soda fountains can be designed and operated in ways that promote sustainability and eco-friendliness specific to your standards. How? One of the significant sustainability benefits of soda fountains is the reduction of single-use packaging. Instead of serving beverages in individual plastic bottles or cans, soda fountains dispense drinks directly into reusable cups or containers. This reduction in single-use packaging helps to decrease plastic waste and the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing, transporting, and disposing of single-use beverage containers. Modern soda fountains utilize bulk syrup and concentrate systems, which significantly reduce the need for single-use plastic or glass bottles containing ready-to-drink beverages. These concentrated products are mixed with carbonated water at the point of dispensing, minimizing the packaging waste associated with traditional bottled drinks. By minimizing single-use packaging and utilizing bulk syrup and concentrate systems, soda fountains contribute to reducing waste and conserving resources, making them more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional beverage distribution methods.

How to Increase Sales with Soda Fountains

Beverage costing refers to the process of calculating and analyzing the costs associated with producing and serving beverages in a business, such as a restaurant, bar, cafe, or catering service. It involves determining the total expenses incurred to produce and serve each type of beverage offered to customers. Beverage costing is a crucial aspect of managing the financial health and profitability of a food and beverage establishment. This includes the cost of all ingredients used to make a specific beverage, such as syrups, juices, mixers, garnishes, and alcohol. Beverage costing takes into account the portion size of each drink and calculates the yield (how many servings can be made from a single ingredient unit) to determine the cost per serving. This strategy can guide pricing decisions, taking into account both cost recovery and competitive pricing. This theory also considers potential waste and spillage that may occur during the preparation process. This helps factor in any losses that could affect the overall cost including overhead costs, like labor, utilities, rent, and equipment maintenance, are allocated to beverage costing to provide a comprehensive understanding of the total expenses associated with serving drinks. Once the beverage costs are calculated, your business can use this information to set menu prices that not only cover costs but also provide a desired profit margin—and profitability is everything in this business. How can Bernick’s help? By consulting on appropriate menu prices to ensure you cover costs and generate profit, by exploring different beverages to help your business select which items to include on the menu and which to promote, by analyzing beverage costs to enable you to identify areas of inefficiency and make adjustments to control expenses.

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Choose Bernick’s, an experienced and trusted Soda Fountain Supplier

A successful partnership between businesses and their soda fountain provider is built on mutual trust, clear communication, shared goals, and a commitment to delivering value to both parties. Bernick’s values open and transparent conversations from the onset about expectations, responsibilities, and any potential challenges. We continually strive to recognize that business needs and customer preferences evolve over time in the dynamic world of food and beverage and work tirelessly to bring the best vending machine solutions to our customers.

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Partnership Statement

A good partnership stance is built on a foundation of collaboration, trust, and a shared commitment to delivering value to both businesses and their vending machine provider. By fostering a positive and open relationship, both parties can work together to create a successful soda fountain operation that meets customer needs and business goals. Together, we define key performance indicators (KPIs) that measure the success of your fountain machines. This is made possible by establishing clear lines of communication from the outset and maintaining regular check-ins and updates to discuss performance, feedback, and any concerns.

Technology Integration

Choosing a soda fountain provider like Bernick’s means benefitting from innovative technology and responsive customer support. We ensure that any potential technical issues are addressed promptly to minimize disruptions. We’re committed to continuous improvement by jointly identifying areas for enhancement. This includes regularly assessing your soda fountain’s performance and making necessary adjustments. With our fountain customers, we’ve developed a structured feedback loop where both parties can provide input and suggestions in order to enhance satisfaction for consumers. In transparency, we share relevant sales data, customer feedback, and performance metrics with each vending customer looking for substantial insight into our process and business principles.

We Both Focus on Your Business

We believe the secret sauce lies in fostering a collaborative environment where both parties contribute ideas and solutions. Mutual respect for each other's expertise and contributions to the partnership. We’ll celebrate successes and milestones together. Planning for the long term and considering how the partnership can evolve as the business grows is another benefit of doing business with Bernick’s. With us, you’ll always have encouraging support in order to optimize your fountain offerings and operations no matter the business sector you’re in.

Our full-service soda fountain team offers technical know-how and unrivaled experience in connecting customers to the right soda solutions. We're here to help!
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