Tips for Successfully Operating Micro Markets

Managing and operating a micro market, while requiring attention to detail and initial logistical considerations, is often considered less complicated compared to running a full-service retail establishment. Micro markets are designed to be self-service, leveraging technology to streamline operations. While managing a micro market does involve careful monitoring of inventory, regular maintenance, and ensuring a smooth customer experience, the technology-driven and self-service nature of micro markets contributes to their ease of operation. Businesses can focus on providing a quality selection of products, maintaining equipment, and responding to customer needs while benefiting from the simplified operational model. Micro markets, in essence, are designed to work for you, as well as on your behalf.

Micro market vending kiosks are easy to understand. Our team installs the kiosk and provides your business with the best food and beverage products in the market today. Business owners always view things in terms of profit, and we guarantee that a micro market will maximize your revenue and everything else attached to it, like workplace culture and employee satisfaction. A micro market is a freestyle-type convenience store setup offering a variety of food and beverage items to purchase. Encouraging people to help themselves to the items they want, at any time of the day. Micro markets are unstaffed, operating with a point of sale, which accepts cash, cards, or employee ID for purchases. All that to say—once you’ve done the “heavy lifting” of installing your micro markets, it’s a part of your business that does not require your daily attention or focus.

Here's why managing a micro market isn't as complicated as it might seem from the outset.

Tips to Improve Your Micro Market Business

Once you’ve determined that a micro market is a smart decision for your business, there are ways to continue to leverage your micro market business to ensure it’s meeting the needs of your establishment and represents a positive part of your brand. We’ve condensed a plethora of tips into the following summaries:

micro market businessPrioritize People

How often do you prioritize your culture? Does it have a strong and steady heartbeat, or is the pulse thready? No matter the industry or sector you represent, some aspect of your workweek has zombified your employees. They shuffle to the coffee machine and back, and if there is no coffee machine, then they scrape around the office space, desperately searching for anything other than work.

Nothing rivals the perks included with a micro market. Not only can you provide those sweet indulgences some of your employees are looking for, but you also can provide a wide variety of healthy snacks for those looking for a healthy alternative to the bag of chips. You’ll keep your workers satisfied and enthusiastic. These perks are where increased revenue originates. Your team will give its best effort, knowing that refuge is steps away.

Do us a favor and look into your breakroom. Do you see a vending machine? Are people eager to relax by it? Could it be better? We assure you that it can be. With a micro market vending solution, you can turn that break room into a place of simplicity, escape, and bonding.

You may not have noticed, but your employees are desperate for shelter. They want a place that they can go to escape the ups and downs of the office space. Workers often feel that they need an afternoon pick-me-up to get through the workday. Workers also love changes that better their work environment. Micro market vending machines perform every one of those improvements.

Make it a Business Line Item

Convenience. Variety. Accessibility. These are just a few of the characteristics a micro market has taken on in the past few years as this model of vending continues to evolve. If you've looked into the possibility of adding a micro market to your office or location but wondered how to budget for a relatively new concept, consider making your micro market a business line item so it’s not overlooked or dismissed as a non-priority. The concept of food and beverage are basic human needs; that's not earth-shattering to anyone and the necessity of eating and drinking during a typical workday is just that: a necessity. Imagine giving your employees convenient options like yogurt, fresh fruit, and granola in the mornings, to fresh salads and sandwiches during the noon hour, and ready-to-drink bottles of soda, energy drinks, or coffee-based drinks. Or a reliable source of caffeine and energy, with specialty hot drinks like lattes or cappuccinos. Micro markets literally have something to offer everyone.

Ongoing Dedication

As with any other business initiative, a successful micro market business requires consideration beyond its inception and starting line. While the concept itself is designed to flow seamlessly for you and your guests, that does not mean it’s a set-it-and-forget-it type of plan that doesn’t require ongoing effort to maintain. Staying on top of your micro market business means you’ll continue to regard it as an important initiative that can and will work for you. This means you should utilize the relationship you have with your distributor partner, ensuring your micro market business offerings are top-notch. Learn what your employees and guests are enjoying as far as products and offerings go. Lean into feedback and make adjustments as necessary. Continue to think of ways to make your offerings even more appealing and on-point in terms of convenience, healthy alternatives, and innovations that drive sales.


Where Bernick's Comes In

All of your revenue from a micro market comes indirectly and is a consequence of upgrading your workplace. When you improve your workplace, the employees thrive. Micro market kiosks empower your employees to access great food and a business boost. Proper nutrition has a direct correlation to good business, so installing a micro market vending solution for your company is exceptional for profit margins.

“What’s in it for me?” you ask. Everything. Partnering with a micro market vending company gives you a place for workers to escape and mingle. A micro market vending kiosk increases positivity and enthusiasm in your organization, improves revenue from that enthusiasm, and provides the best products on the market.

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Published on: Oct 24, 2023

Topics: Micro Market

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