Dean Bernick, Board Chairman

Grew up in the business. Started doing odd jobs like mowing the grass, trimming trees, sweeping, sorting bottles, etc. Worked summers in high school and college—running routes, being a helper, cleaning lines and delivering vending machines. After college I helped with resets and did vacation routes, worked into the Hutchinson route and then became a supervisor. Long story short, the years have flown by.

Fun fact few people know about me: I had long, wild hair and a beard in high school… I can get you a picture.
The strangest phobia I have is: Being in a lake and having my leg bump into something unseen.
Something I’ve done, but will never do again: We grew up on a quarry and we jumped off our rock pile that was over 150 feet high with 15 feet of rock to clear below you… gotta be young and dumb.

John Torgerson, Chief Executive Officer

A lifelong St. Cloud resident. Married to Lynelle with two daughters, Danielle and Nichole. Joined Bernick’s in 1987 and have witnessed a lot of change, been part of many acquisitions, and held many different positions during my career. I enjoy spending time with family and friends–golfing, riding bike, and hiking while enjoying some fine Bernick’s beverages.

My bucket list includes: Golfing in Ireland and taking a bike tour in Italy.
I support our community by: Serving on the Board of Directors at the St. Cloud Area YMCA and participating in the United Way.
My hidden talent: I enjoy calligraphy, drawing, and painting.

Jill Kampa, Vice President of Soft Drink Sales and Marketing

Graduated from the College of St. Scholastica. Serve as the St. Cloud Area YMCA Promenade Marketing Chair, St. Cloud Christian School Marketing Chair, and Place of Hope Volunteer.

If I were in a different profession, it would be: An Interior Designer/Stager. I have a passion for decorating.
My bucket list includes: European Family Vacation (think National Lampoon).
A song title that sums up my life: Run the World by Beyonce

Jason Hinnenkamp, Vice President of Operations

Attended St. Cloud State University. Joined Bernick’s in 2002 as a business analyst, developing into the VP of Finance role, and eventually into my current role as VP of operations.

If I were in a different profession, it would be: Running a cattle ranch
Something I’ve done, but will never do again: Skydive
If I could only have one thing on a deserted island, it would be: My baseball cap

Kelly Walz, Vice President of Human Resources

Helping deliver the fun since 2010. I strive for excellence through implementing strategically aligned talent solutions while delivering measurable results and a positive culture.

If I were in a different profession, it would be: Kids’ Birthday Party Planner
My bucket list includes: Seeing the northern lights from an igloo in Iceland.
The strangest phobia I have is: Fear of home intruders—people or critters.

Brent Schmitt, Vice President of Finance and IT

Graduated from Saint John’s University. Joined Bernick’s in 1994 as an accountant. Currently serve on both the Financial Review Committee and Community Solutions Team for the United Way.

First job: Working on a horse ranch.
Fun fact few people know about me: I can pickles and make maple syrup.
Proudest personal achievement: Raising my respectful and sweet two daughters with my wife.

Darren Hatlestad, Director of Vending

Started loading trucks with Bernick’s at age 15 and started full time in 1989. Have worked as a Driver, in Soft Drink Sales, New Business and Vending.

First job: Detasseling Sweet Corn
Fun fact few people know about me: I spent 6 years in the National Guard.
My favorite beverage: Diet Dew and Miller Lite.

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