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Just How Serious?

You know a company is serious about beer when we assign someone on our leadership team solely to this segment of our market. That’s right. One lucky individual at Bernick’s holds the title Vice President of Beer.

In order to offer the best brands and the best customer service, we have to know our stuff. So we dedicate extensive time and resources to knowing our products and our industry better than anyone.

With A Little Help From Our Cicerone

Bernick's is devoted to providing your business with the best team of beer specialists money can buy. That's why we hire ciceroni and encourage every member of our sales team to become a licensed cicerone. 

What is a cicerone? 

A cicerone is a licensed hospitality expert who has received certification in selecting, acquiring and serving a wide range of beer. In order to become a cicerone, our staff must pass a required test of beer-knowledge and pass a tasting-skills test. 

Through the program, our ciceroni learn skills that are indispensable to your business like:

  • Pairing Beer with Food
  • Beer Styles
  • Keeping and Serving Beer
  • Beer Flavor and Evaluation
  • Beer Ingredients and the Brewing Process

Educated and dedicated beer sales force:

  • Internal Beer 101 and 201 classes are available to all team members
  • All salespersons are Certified Beer Servers and are encouraged to work towards completing their cicerone training
  • Bernick’s supports the Brewer’s Association and has team members who are Certified Beer Stewards
  • Each location has a Craft Beer Expert to help direct their team
  • Dedicated Brand Managers who help support your brand by partnering on programs, key initiatives, new product launches and incentives
If you have a great product that needs distributing, we can help.  We’ll do what it takes to get your product in the right places, on the right  shelves, and to the right consumers. Cheers! Distribute My Product


“When it comes to service we’re a large customer. And that means we demand support but with Bernick’s it’s never been a challenge. We’ve never had to be proactive – or reactive for that matter – about the support we get. Bernick’s sets their own expectations for service and response, and they always exceed or beat them.”

– Michael Engel, Grand Casino

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