4 Reasons to Put Handcrafted Coffee in Your Lineup

Let’s be real, serving plain coffee from the pot is not going to cut it anymore. About 83% of adults drink coffee in the U.S., thus making coffee the world's largest consumer beverage. When the average person has two to three cups a day, there are multiple reasons why adding handcrafted coffee to your lineup is a smart move for your establishment. Here are four reasons why your bar or restaurant needs handcrafted coffee. 

1. Coffee Saves Lives

Okay, saving lives may be a stretch, but it DOES have health benefits. Researchers argue that health benefits can range from helping to prevent diabetes, to lowering the risk of liver cancer, to the protection against Parkinson’s disease. Also, with over 400 billion cups of coffee consumed each year, it’s no question that coffee is the number one source of antioxidants in the U.S.

A cup of coffee a day keeps the doctors away.

4 Reasons to Put Handcrafted Coffee in Your Lineup2. Coffee is Just So Dang Instagrammable

Currently, there are 91,947,640 posts on Instagram with the #coffee hashtag. Handcrafted coffee is popular, photogenic, and is what any demographic wants from your establishment. When you see endless amounts of handcrafted coffee pictures, we see a business opportunity. Take advantage of the trend with business-related cups, lids, and other shareable items that will get your brand out there and keep your customers happy.

3. Better Coffee, Better Tips, Happier Staff

Do you really need more than just a coffee pot ...? Yes.

Handcrafted coffee is a small service that creates a large in-depth customer experience. Most restaurants serve regular or black coffee with some half and half or skim milk if asked for alongside. Personally, I would be ecstatic if I ordered a coffee and then was asked if I wanted to make it a specialty drink.  Let your servers and bartenders create that positive, handcrafted coffee experience which in turn, puts some more tip money into their pockets.

4. No, It’s Not That Expensive or Difficult

With a 24/7, single, toll-free number to call for any service and maintenance needs, the word “difficult” does not apply to those who purchase their products from Bernick's.

In general, we provide almost all coffee equipment and any maintenance, repairs, and replacements free of charge for those who purchase coffee from us. In 2016, Americans drank more coffee than soda, tea, and juice combined, with an average of two to three cups a day. Those numbers and these four reasons prove that handcrafted coffee is worth the investment.

When coffee remains the world’s largest consumer beverage, serving a plain pot is not going to take your establishment anywhere. For more information about expenses, services, maintenance, and how handcrafted coffee can take your establishment to the next level, talk to a coffee expert

Stay caffeinated! 


How Do you Like Your Coffee?  Whether you like it cold, hot, bean-to-cup brewed, or with all the flavors and  cream - our team has the products and insights you need to offer a great coffee  lineup. Talk with a COffee Expert

Published on: Jul 11, 2018

Topics: Hot Beverage, News

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