A Micro Market Is Your Best Vending Choice

Traditional vending is quickly going the way of eight-track tapes. The hottest trend is micro markets, and for good reason. Consumers want fresh, healthy food and beverages that are convenient, with a variety of payment options. Micro markets also allow you to invest in your employees without making any financial investments. Yep, you read that right — installing a micro market comes at no cost to you or your business.

If you aren’t familiar with micro markets, they are unmanned retail spaces. People can purchase food and beverages, and these markets usually include various fresh and healthy products, restocked regularly. They can be custom-fit to the size and shape of your breakroom or semi-public areas, and filled with appealing options.

Micro markets use refrigerated cases containing fresh foods such as salads and sandwiches. They can also house beverages, fruits, vegetables, perishable treats, specialty coffees, and frozen snacks.

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the great resignation, and as employees return to in-office work, they’re looking for more perks. A micro market is ideal, with its wide range of products. And, bonus: our team is responsible for everything from installation and implementation to restocking.

How Micro Markets Work

To use a micro market, the customer picks up the food or beverage they wish to purchase and then pays for the items at a self-checkout kiosk. These kiosks offer various payment options, including credit/debit cards, cash, fingerprint readers, and mobile payments.

Is Your Business a Good Fit for a Micro Market?

Micro markets offer great benefits for employees and business owners, but there are things to consider before taking the plunge.


Do you have the space to make a micro market work? Our trusted team can configure micro markets to fit almost any space, but you will need enough room for a self-checkout kiosk, food racks, and food and beverage coolers. In addition, you will need an accessible power source, an internet connection, or a secure wireless network for financial transactions.


Leaving the office for a while can be great for employees to recharge and refocus. However, in many office parks and other locations, there just aren’t any good food options. Or the food options available take too much time, become repetitive, or are unhealthy.

This can mean a lot of frustration for current employees, which hurts retention, and might deter some of the best talents. Productivity will certainly suffer, and more than likely, so will morale. A micro market stocked with fresh, healthy, and enticing items can make all the difference.

Corporate Wellness

Many companies have wellness programs and goals. There might be a gym in your building, or you might have an employer-sponsored program designed to support your employees as they change unhealthy behaviors. The goal is for staff to build and sustain behaviors to reduce health risks and enhance productivity while improving their quality of life. This all benefits the company’s bottom line as well.

A micro market can go a long way in supporting these efforts and goals by providing healthy alternatives to traditional vending machine snacks.


Conference rooms are boring. Your micro market can make a great gathering place for ad hoc meetings or a casual conversation over a snack. Camaraderie is built, productivity is improved, and no one goes away “hangry.”

Create an inviting environment around your market, so employees will use it often for friendly conversations that work as team building.

To sum up, micro markets are perfect for businesses that:

  • Have no or few options for quick meals
  • Want to align their food service options with company wellness goals
  • Have employees who work overnight shifts and need meal options
  • Are concerned about employee retention
  • Want to see more productivity

If your business does not fit the criteria listed above, don’t worry! There are similar alternative vending options better suited to you.

Pico Markets

Pico Markets can be placed anywhere you want to offer convenience to your employees. It’s a self-service innovation offering a fresh take on traditional coolers and vending machines. Pico Markets provide increased product versatility, a healthier snack and beverage selection, and broader choices.

These markets can bring your business:

  • High-tech coolers that offer grab-and-go convenience with controlled access
  • Easy-to-make payments with 365Pay

A pico market offers your employees the same healthy options and convenient access as a micro market, but with a smaller footprint.

Micro Markets = New Opportunity

It’s a new day for employees and employers. As workers are looking for more benefits, a micro market can go a long way in increasing morale. It’s a win-win. Reach out today, and let’s get started!

Published on: Sep 2, 2022

Topics: Micro Market, News

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