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The coffee industry is old. Like, thousands of centuries old. From humble beginnings servicing agriculture and monastery folks to watching a single Seattle storefront go global to scaling way back down to artisanal, single origin sourced beans, coffee's story continues to be told. The dynamic world of coffee is far and wide, and Bernick's plays a role in making it small scale and accessible for our customers and consumers in our communities.


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Our Coffee Machine Offerings

Bernick's has delivered beverages and installed coffee-related equipment for decades. Our commitment to solutions and proactive service is reflected in the relationships we value with customers who rely on us for coffee products. Our coffee-related portfolio is quite expansive and allows us to meet the varying needs of the business models and industries we serve.

Equipment & Machinery: Commercial Coffee Dispensers

What works for convenience stores might not be the best system for a large healthcare facility. Our customizable coffee equipment includes scalable models and variations to meet the needs of the consumers onsite. From classic glass pots and air pots for single servings to a beans-to-cup machine that can deliver liquid gold for hundreds, our customers have the options they want for the people they serve.

Cold Coffee Supplies

Any coffee fanatic can tell you cold coffee isn't simply this morning's coffee you forgot to drink. The cold-crazed market for coffee that's not served steaming hot is a large one and Bernick's matches its intensity and demand with our line of cold coffee supplies. For customers seeking an easier way to serve cold press, we offer single origin batches of cold brew available in one-sixth kegs to hook up to tap lines on nitro. We also deliver cold brew in both machines bags - just like our soda products.

Beans, K-Cups, & More

Whether or not you or your business is acquainted with all the coffee industry has to offer, it can still be a daunting endeavor to bring to your customers. Even grocery or big box stores have massive coffee aisles - it's easy to be intimidated by options. Bernick's coffee team members are well versed and possess the unique know-how when it comes to the brands, blends, and styles of coffee beans your equipment needs. 

Delightful Extras

As the video highlighted, only 35 percent of American coffee drinkers take their coffee black. So, thinking that coffee and equipment are all it takes to offer a coffee program at your location is a bit short-sighted. Bernick's can round out your efforts with the necessary supplies, add-ins, and specialty additions that sweetens every coffee drinking experience.  

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Published on: Apr 26, 2018

Topics: Products, Hot Beverage

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