Boost Your Micro Market Sales With These Employee Incentives

Micro markets already offer your employees a number of benefits. These include convenience, healthy options, and increased productivity. You can also use your micro market to encourage and reward hard work as well as other incentives to not only create happier employees, but also increase sales. 

Incentives and promotions can do a lot to move the needle. The conundrum is how to get your employees to drive right by those convenience stores and fast-food restaurants on their way to work and buy from your micro market instead. You’ve made the first move toward increased revenue just by replacing that old vending machine with a micro market, but another opportunity exists via employee engagement.

Getting employees to register is the first hurdle to overcome–the lifetime value of a registered customer is four times better than an anonymous one. Let’s talk about how to incentivize employees to make your micro market their first thought when their stomach starts to rumble.

1. Overcoming Hesitancy to Register

Here’s where loyalty programs are useful. Use a points-for-purchase model, giving a certain number of points per dollar spent. This makes it like a game, and your employees will enjoy watching their reward points go up. 

hand reaching into micro market cooler pulling out a packaged salad

If you have employees who have been with you a long time, they may not be as eager to embrace new technology, but Bernick’s provides on-site support during break times for the first week to walk everyone through how things work. We also provide ongoing support as requested, and we can provide your HR team with the information they can use for new employee orientations. 

2. Try a Suggestion Box

Everyone wants to feel like they’re being heard and that their input is valued. A suggestion box near your micro market is just the ticket. Spice up company meetings by reading suggestions out loud and having everyone vote on the suggested additions to the micro market. 

3. Fund Snack Accounts

Show employees you care while incentivizing micro market purchases. Don’t just have HR send a memo. Have a big meeting or smaller department meetings and let everyone know that they’ll be getting X dollars per paycheck to spend on healthy items from your micro market. You can provide each employee with a PIN, or give them a card that you reload each payday. This also can be used to reward employees for a job well done–give them some extra bucks in their account.

4. Give a Discount

Everyone loves a discount. You can even make it a regular thing, and it’s also a great way to clean out perishable items before the weekend. Discount just those items or give a blanket discount.

5. Offer Bundles and Combos

Create strategic combinations such as a meal promotion that offers a drink and chips if you spend a certain dollar amount along with an associated purchase, such as a salad or sandwich. Bundling items can encourage sales at times throughout the day–not just lunch. People often drink coffee during the day, so offer bundles with coffee and a breakfast bar or other snack-y items. Create another bundle with a protein bar and a bottle of water. The key is finding the right combos and bundles that appeal to your employees.

6. Use Your Kiosk

The digital screen on the kiosk can also serve as a messaging platform. Highlight birthdays, work anniversaries, employee of the month, or even a “joke of the day” that will make everyone curious as to what’s on the screen today. And while they are there, they just might make a purchase. 

Micro markets are the hottest vending option around, and the team at Bernick’s has everything you need to bring your employees the best possible food and beverage options. When you work with Bernick’s, you’re working with a partner who is invested in your success as much as our own. Talk to a micro market specialist today.

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Published on: Feb 17, 2023

Topics: Micro Market

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