Gilleland Chevrolet has been working with Bernick’s since 1986 when their car dealership business was first established in the St. Cloud area. They chose Bernick’s line of products because they felt it was important to have both hot beverages as well as cold, available for their customers and clients to enjoy while they were waiting for their vehicles to be serviced. Bernick’s came to mind instantly for the folks at Gilleland, as they know we have quality products and a vast selection of options to choose from vending, to beverages, to supplies.


Gilleland Chevrolet’s management team receives many compliments from not only customers and clients, but staff members as well. Individuals appreciate the selection, and Gilleland enjoys being able to customize their beverage choices to staff and visitor desires.

Gilleland Chevrolet continues to work with Bernick’s as their beverage distirbutor because of our company’s renowned history and their past experience as a partner with them. They know we are provide excellent service and are only a phone call or email away. Bernick’s provides a selection that stands out in our industry, and our commitment to the community was something that resonated with Gilleland as it is important to them as well. For Gilleland Chevrolet, we are the perfect fit.


At Bernick’s, we are proud to be a strong and reliable partner for other businesses in our communities. We are always pleased to hear positive feedback from our clients that our team of experts is trusted and commended for their excellent service and commitment to exceeding expectations.

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Published on: May 12, 2016

Topics: Community, Hot Beverage, News

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