Hot Beverage FAQ's

54 percent of Americans drink coffee each day. That’s over half of your consumers. Are you offering them the options they want in terms of hot beverages?

Bernick’s fields a lot of questions when it comes to our hot beverage equipment, products, and service. And, the questioning tends to have a common theme – what are my options, why is Bernick’s different, and what can I expect? I decided to compile frequently asked questions in an effort to get more customers the answers they need.


Q: How well is my hot beverage equipment maintained?

A: Our hot beverage program ensures your equipment is treated the same way our Pepsi fountain machines are maintained. Our service program maintains a contact line that’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our response time has a goal of four hours.

Q: What does your region look like for service and distribution?

A: We have a centralized footprint in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. A lot of hot beverage distributors try to manage service out of the twin cities-metro area. They likely don’t offer night or weekend support. We know our customers have needs that extend into both night and Saturdays and Sundays.

Q: I have equipment from another hot beverage program. Can you service/fulfill it?

A: In most cases, Bernick’s offers hot beverage equipment for free. If our customers fully intend to use Bernick’s products, the equipment is complimentary. We own it, we install it for free, and we fix it for free. And, if we’re unable to fix it, we simply replace it.

Q: Do I have to wait a full year before receiving preventative maintenance on my equipment?

A: It’s up to you as our customer. You can select monthly or yearly service, based on the volume at your particular building or convenience store.

Q: What equipment is available to me?

A: Restaurants might prefer glass pot brewers, while convenience stores want thermal servers and air pots, or even the new bean-to-cup machines. Office buildings might prefer the Keurig single-cup brew to accommodate varying employee or customer needs. Bernick’s is an all-encompassing hot beverage distributor.

Q: What brands of hot beverages can I choose from?

A: Our key brands include New England, Caribou Coffee, and Wolfgang Puck.

Q: Can I combine my hot beverage offerings with the rest of my line of business?

A: Bernick’s can be your all-in-one food and beverage distributor, as we also offer soda, beer, and vending in addition to hot beverage. Often, we hear people say, Oh, that’s great. That’s one less truck, one less schedule, and one less salesperson. There is such an advantage to having one comprehensive and continuous beverage program.

Q: I’m not an expert at coffee offerings, nor do I know how to promote my hot beverage program to my consumers. Can I get targeted help with that?

A: We consider ourselves experts when it comes to beverages. And, consumers’ habits and behaviors change constantly. We maintain a close pulse on what people want in terms of hot beverages, and what trends make the most sense to follow for your particular location. Did you know consumers have seasonal coffee preferences? Did you know you could maximize your in-store purchases by bundling or offering deals on hot coffee plus a bottle of water or energy drink?


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Published on: Oct 12, 2016

Topics: Hot Beverage

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