Turning Up the Heat: Hot Beverage Trends Are Rising Across the Country

American director and screenwriter David Lynch once said, “Even a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all.” and as it turns out, consumers agree.

Americans are drinking more coffee than ever — consumption is up 5% since 2015, 62% of people drink coffee daily, and the average consumption rate is climbing by more than three cups per day.

Hot Beverages Year ‘Round

Despite what you might think, hot beverage options aren’t just for winter. Studies show that drinking hot beverages in summer can actually cool you down by reducing heat stored in the body and producing extra sweat to cool you down as it evaporates. Similarly, research indicates that hot-dispensed beverage consumption stays steady throughout the year, and more than 50% of folks prefer hot coffee.

Are you offering coffee and other hot beverages in your lineup? If not, you’re missing an opportunity.

Let’s Look at the Numbers

  • The market size for coffee and snack shops in 2022 is $48.4 billion.
  • Growth from 2017 to 2022 was 2.8%, increasing faster than the overall economy.
  • Office workers are one of the most prominent groups of coffee drinkers. The average U.S. office employee drinks 20 cups of coffee each week.
  • Tea, the fastest-growing hot beverage in the U.S., is expected to grow at a rate of 4.1% through 2025.

Overall, hot beverage consumption is growing thanks to increased awareness among millennials and younger people seeking the health benefits of tea and coffee.

Consumers Want Options When It Comes to Hot Beverages

Gone are the days of limited hot beverage offerings. Today, the demand for a variety of premium and specialty hot beverages is practically endless. From coffee and cappuccino to herbal-infused teas and kombucha, having the products to satisfy diverse consumer tastes is essential.

As a full-service distribution and beverage supplier, Bernick’s can provide you with the necessary pieces to keep your customers and employees happy while increasing revenue.

Our expansive product portfolio and hot beverage specialists help you select the proper hot beverage setup for your patrons. We have the most popular coffee brands on the market, offered in K-cups and traditional grounds, including:

  • Caribou Coffee
  • Pure Leaf
  • New England Coffee
  • Starbucks
  • Wolfgang Puck

Want to go the extra mile? Add syrups, creamers, and sweeteners like Coffee-Mate to elevate your product line and make you a true destination for specialty coffee, tea, and other hot beverages.

Don't underestimate the power of hot beverages for your employees and customers. Update or expand your hot beverage offerings today.

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Published on: Jul 27, 2022

Topics: Hot Beverage

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