How to Create PICO Markets in Schools

The popularity of PICO (Person In Charge Of) markets is on the rise due to several factors that make incredible sense for school districts to consider. From convenience and accessibility to customization to the tech edge they offer, PICO markets offer a convenient shopping experience within various school environments and educational institutions. They provide easy access to a wide range of products, reducing the need for students and staff to travel to traditional stores.

PICO markets can be customized to cater to the preferences and needs of the specific location and its audience, ensuring that the products offered align with the tastes and requirements of the school’s demographic. PICO markets often incorporate digital interfaces, touchscreens, and other technology-driven features that enhance the shopping experience and appeal to the tech-savvy generation of today’s students.

Securing a PICO market for your school or educational setting can further emphasize healthier lifestyles has led to increased demand for nutritious snacks and beverages. PICO markets can offer a selection of healthier options to cater to this trend. In a post-pandemic world, the ability to make contactless transactions is highly valued, especially for younger people. PICO markets often integrate mobile payment options, reducing the need for physical contact during checkout.

The Student Perspective

Any consideration a school district makes is on behalf of its student population. It goes without saying the installation of a PICO market is another testament to that focus. Why would students enjoy, and most importantly benefit from a PICO market? The list is plentiful. Students would enjoy a PICO market at school for several reasons, as it offers convenience, variety, customization, and a modern shopping experience that aligns with their preferences and needs. PICO markets provide students with a convenient option to access a variety of snacks, beverages, and essentials directly on campus. This eliminates the need to leave the school premises to find food and other items, saving time and effort. Students have the autonomy and control to make quick and easy transactions at PICO markets using digital interfaces and contactless payment options; the presence of such offerings introduces a novel shopping experience to students. This fosters a sense of independence and responsibility in managing their choices and finances. They can explore different products, discover new snacks, and experiment with their choices. This streamlined process is well-suited to their fast-paced school schedules and limited break times.

PICO markets can be customized to cater to the tastes and preferences of any student body; the diversity of offerings is as endless as the reasons why they’ll benefit from its presence. This means the market can offer products that resonate with their food choices (as well as your district’s nutritional standards), ensuring a more enjoyable and relevant dining or snacking experience. PICO markets offer a wide range of products, from traditional snacks and beverages to healthier options like fresh fruits, yogurt, and granola bars. This variety appeals to students with different dietary preferences and cravings, whether it's during school hours, after-school activities, or even late at night.

PICO markets can become gathering spots for students to socialize, interact, and make quick purchases together during breaks or free periods. Students could enjoy a PICO market at the school you represent due to its convenience, customization, variety, tech-savvy experience, and the opportunity to socialize and make independent choices. Overall, PICO markets enhance the school environment by offering a modern, engaging, and relevant shopping experience that caters to students' preferences and lifestyles.

Things You Need to Create a PICO Market in Schools

Schools can be bustling environments with tight schedules. Having PICO markets on campus provides a quick and convenient way for students and staff to access snacks, beverages, and essentials between classes or during breaks. Not to mention the proper fuel—PICO markets in schools can be stocked with a variety of healthier snack options, encouraging students to make better food choices while on campus.

Aside from physical space for the installation and ongoing feature of a PICO market, what else might a district or team of administrators need in order to consider one of their very own?

An Eye for Revenue Opportunities

Schools can operate PICO markets as a fundraising initiative, using the profits generated to support school programs, clubs, or events. This can extend to include a lens on teaching financial literacy, with PICO markets being used as a practical tool to teach students about budgeting, money management, and making informed purchasing decisions. PICO markets provide round-the-clock access to products, making them suitable for different schedules and lifestyles, including late-night cravings and early-morning study sessions.

Safety & Security on Lock

PICO markets provide a controlled environment for purchasing items, enhancing safety on campus by reducing the need for students to carry cash. Students leaving school premises to buy snacks can disrupt the learning environment and cause tardiness–or worse, placing their safety at risk. PICO markets provide an on-site option for quick purchases, reducing such disruptions or safety concerns.

Tech-Led Teaching

Schools can incorporate PICO markets into educational programs, allowing students to learn about retail automation, computer-led technology, business operations, inventory management, marketing initiatives, and customer service. The interactive nature of PICO markets, with digital interfaces and product information, enhances the overall shopping experience, making it more engaging and user-friendly. Having PICO markets on campus showcases the school's commitment to innovation, technology, and modern amenities, creating a positive image among students and parents.

How Bernick’s Can Help

In conclusion, the rising popularity of PICO markets is driven by their convenience, customization, and technological features. Having PICO markets in schools aligns with the changing preferences of students, promotes healthier choices, offers educational opportunities, and enhances the overall campus experience.

Now, it’s your turn to reap the benefits of a successful partnership.

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Published on: Jan 4, 2024

Topics: PICO Markets

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