How to Increase Ancillary Revenue with Hot Beverage Solutions

Ancillary revenue refers to supplementary income streams generated by a business or organization that are beyond its core products or services. These revenue sources are additional to the primary source of income and often arise from complementary offerings, services, or assets that enhance the overall customer experience. Ancillary revenue can significantly contribute to a company's financial health, profitability, and growth. Relying solely on one source of income can make a business vulnerable to market fluctuations or changes in consumer preferences. Why not look holistically at your business’s offerings in order to amplify opportunities for additional sources of income?

Ancillary revenue diversifies income streams, reducing dependence on a single source. Ancillary revenue adds to the company's bottom line, contributing to increased profitability and improved financial stability. Ancillary offerings often enhance the overall customer experience by providing additional value and convenience. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, while creating opportunities to upsell and cross-sell complementary products or services, increasing the average transaction value per customer.

Are Hot Beverage Machines Viable for Ancillary Revenue?

Examples of ancillary revenue include airlines charging for checked baggage, priority boarding, and in-flight services. Hotels offering additional services such as spa treatments, room upgrades, and guided tours are cashing in on ancillary revenue while elevating the guest experience. It’s no different than tech companies offering premium features or subscriptions on top of free basic services — have you ever enjoyed a free trial of something and found yourself purchasing access to continue once your trial ran out? There it is. Overall, having an ancillary stream of revenue diversifies a company's income, strengthens its financial position, and supports its ability to provide enhanced value to customers.

What about your hot beverage program? Could that be looked at from an ancillary lens to drive revenue? Sure thing. Hot beverage machines can be a viable source of ancillary revenue for businesses in various industries. These machines, such as coffee makers, tea dispensers, and hot chocolate machines, offer opportunities to generate additional income beyond the core products or services a business provides.

Here's why hot beverage machines can be a viable avenue for ancillary revenue: demand for hot beverages like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are widely consumed and in high demand among customers, making them a lucrative offering. Hot beverage machines are often located in high-traffic areas, encouraging impulse purchases from customers who may not have initially planned to buy a beverage. Businesses can use hot beverage machines to upsell by offering premium or specialty drinks and cross-sell by pairing beverages with complimentary snacks or baked goods. This can lead to incremental sales as customers who visit for a beverage may also decide to purchase other items or products also offered onsite.

Providing hot beverage options enhances the overall customer experience, making customers more likely to spend time at the business premises and potentially make additional purchases. Offering high-quality, diverse, or unique hot beverage options can differentiate a business from competitors and attract customers seeking premium experiences. Hot beverage machines can make use of existing space in retail stores, offices, hotels, or other locations, generating revenue from underutilized areas—not to mention how much your customers will appreciate the convenience of having hot beverages readily available, especially in locations where cafes or coffee shops might not be nearby.

Step-by-Step Guide to Generate Sales from Your Machine

Whether placed in office break rooms, hotel lobbies, convenience stores, or other high-traffic locations, hot beverage machines have the potential to generate ancillary revenue while enhancing the customer experience and overall business offerings.

Leverage Loyalty

Businesses can create recurring revenue streams by encouraging customers to return for their favorite hot beverages on a regular basis. Providing quality hot beverages can foster brand loyalty and engagement among customers who appreciate the added value.

Customization & Personalization

Some hot beverage machines allow customers to customize their drinks, offering an opportunity for premium pricing on personalized options. Today’s consumers crave customization and unique, one-of-a-kind experiences and they’re vocal about their preferences. Meet their needs and make money at the same time.

Flexible Pricing Models

Hot beverage machines can accommodate a range of pricing models, from pay-per-use to subscription-based options, catering to different customer preferences. The cost of providing hot beverages can be relatively low compared to the selling price, allowing for a healthy profit margin.

Tips to Increase Ancillary Revenue

Offer a diverse range of hot beverage options to cater to various preferences. Include a variety of coffees (regular, decaf, flavored), teas (herbal, green, black), hot chocolates, and even specialty beverages like lattes or cappuccinos. Providing a wide selection encourages more purchases and repeat visits from customers looking for their favorite drinks.

Introduce premium or seasonal beverage offerings to entice customers to try something new or unique. Limited-time flavors, holiday-themed drinks, or specialty blends can create a sense of urgency and excitement, prompting customers to purchase these offerings before they're gone.

Implement pricing strategies that encourage higher spending. For instance, offer discounts for buying multiple beverages or create bundled packages that include a beverage and a snack. Consider tiered pricing for different sizes of drinks to appeal to varying budget preferences.

Remember that location, presentation, maintenance, and cleanliness of the vending machine also play critical roles in attracting customers and encouraging repeat purchases.


Bernick's Team Can Help to Increase Your Sales

A hot beverage distributor like Bernick’s can play a vital role in helping businesses optimize and improve ancillary revenue from hot beverage offerings. We represent a diverse range of hot beverage options that cater to different preferences and trends, including specialty or unique flavors that attract customers looking for new experiences. Our portfolio includes premium and gourmet hot beverage products that can be offered at a slightly higher price point, appealing to customers seeking a more indulgent experience. Our hot beverage team advises businesses on strategies to upsell customers, such as offering larger sizes, flavor add-ons, or bundled deals with snacks or pastries. From an equipment standpoint, we can recommend energy-efficient and technologically advanced coffee machines that enhance the customer experience, such as those with customizable options or touchscreens.

For those who lean towards the green, Bernick’s provides eco-friendly hot beverage solutions, such as compostable cups and utensils, to appeal to environmentally conscious customers and align with sustainable business practices. We’ll collaborate on marketing campaigns that promote hot beverage offerings, highlighting their quality, variety, and uniqueness to attract more customers. These tailor-made recommendations and solutions address specific needs, consider your target audience, and the goals of your business to maximize the impact on ancillary revenue.

By offering a combination of quality products, strategic insights, and value-added services, a hot beverage distributor like Bernick’s can help businesses enhance their hot beverage offerings, attract more customers, and ultimately increase their ancillary revenue while providing a better overall experience to patrons.

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Published on: Jan 26, 2024

Topics: Hot Beverage

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