How to Increase Convenience Store Sales [Infographic]

When it comes to increasing convenience store sales, knowing your consumers and shoppers is a great place to start. Increasing your understanding of what they want makes it easier to stock your shelves with the types of products they prefer. Each segment of your consumer base will follow different trends and purchasing patterns: age, time of day of visits, income, frequency of visits, etc. Looking at patterns can offer insights on how to structure your convenience store for success.

Identifying Convenience Store Trends

How to Increase Convenience Store Sales (Infographic)It’s easier to keep a current consumer around than it is to acquire a new one. With this in mind, focus your efforts on those who are already purchasing from your c-store. Look at those who make frequent or regular convenience store visits, and consider ways to incentivize or reward them into purchasing more.

After all, these are shoppers who habitually purchase in-store items, so delivering what they want will likely increase convenience store sales. Get to know your consumers a little better with the following statistics from Convenience Store News.

58% of parents buy in-store merchandise after filling up with gas.
57% of consumers with 1 or more children visit c-stores on a daily basis.
70.5% of daily shoppers claim they usually shop at the same store each time.
62.8% of weekly shoppers claim they usually shop at the same store each time.

In addition to paying attention to the trends, you want to make sure you have the right products at the right time to help increase your c-store sales

Increase Convenience Store Sales with Beverages

Although it sounds simple enough, actually putting this into practice can be a little tricky. After all, when you consider the expansive range of products available up against the limited space within convenience stores, decisions about what makes it on the shelf or into the cooler cannot be taken lightly. Below is an infographic with some tips, tricks, and other stats for stocking your convenience store with the products consumers seek to increase sales.

Infographic of Convenience Store Beverage Stats

As illustrated in the infographic above, the second most common reason consumers enter a convenience store is to purchase immediately consumable food and beverages. That means a large percentage of those who walk through your doors are on the lookout for quick and convenient consumables.

Especially during times when gas prices are lower or when holiday weekends are near, stock your convenience store with some of the most popular beverage options.

Sweetened & Unsweetened Teas

Teas are popular as fountain choices or pre-packaged options. Consumers who enjoy drinking to their health oftentimes reach for tea. Some of our most popular brands of sweetened and unsweetened teas are Lipton and Pure Leaf. 


Including a variety of juices can increase convenience store sales by appealing to consumers who crave something sweet, fruity, nutritious, and delicious. Juices come pre-packaged and as fountain options. Consumers regularly reach for Naked, Dole, Ocean Spray, and Tropicana.  

Sports Drinks

During periods of high activity, warm weather and any other time, sports drinks bring flavor, hydration, and electrolyte balance to thirsty consumers. Gatorade and Propel come in a wide variety of flavors, with Gatorade occupying 65 percent of the sports drink market sales. 

Flavored Waters

Another great option for the health conscious consumer, flavored waters provide delicious flavor along with valuable hydration. Approximately 15 percent of convenience store beverage purchases are water. Sobe Lifewater, Klarbrunn, and Aquafina all carry popular flavored water options

Identifying Trends to Better Serve Your Consumers

By understanding convenience store consumers and identifying purchasing trends, you can make changes and decisions to better serve those who come to your c-store. This will result in happier, more satisfied consumers and higher profit margins. Each segment of your consumer base will follow different trends and purchasing patterns, and introducing new beverage options provide more opportunities for them to purchase their preferred products.

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Published on: Feb 13, 2019

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