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 At Bernick's, we're always happy to share our partnerships because we're proud of the companies we work with and the impact our combined service has on community. For 100 years we've dedicated our company to supporting others and being a reliable service provider for companies and brands of varying industry and level of need. Below, I'll share with you a few ways we've influenced some of Central Minnesota's greatest institutions... 

Wolters Kluwer – Joan VanderWeyst; Senior Buyer

wolters kluwer logoWolters Kluwer is a global company that provides information, software, and services to a wide array of customers. Though global, it has a St. Cloud, Minnesota-based office with 600 employees. And, those employees have needs for both food and beverage. Throughout their building, Wolters Kluwer has five separate kiosk areas where their vending machines are placed. In addition, there are two main lounges where employees eat their lunches, take coffee breaks, or hold informal meetings with co-workers.

“We have an excellent, excellent relationship with Bernick’s. Both Dale (Albers) and Julie (Fandel) are wonderful to work with. Bernick’s is so responsive. That adds to their reliability. Service is really, really important to us. A company of our size with as many employees as we have needs to count on supplier and vendor partners who understand how important it is for us to keep daily operations moving each and every day.”

gilleland logo

Gilleland Chevrolet – Christy Gilleland; Executive Manager

If there is another industry that gets customer service at the level we do, or commits to the community much like Bernick’s, it’s car dealerships, and we’ve been partners with Gilleland Chevrolet for 30 years. It’s important for Gilleland to offer both hot and cold beverages to their customers who are waiting – to have their vehicles serviced, or buy a vehicle.

“Not only has their customer service been impeccable, anything we ever need they are only a phone call or quick email away. They also have a great selection for us to choose from. Also, they are really involved in our community. They do so much on behalf of the businesses and people here that it’s a great fit for us to partner with them. They are a family-owned business, and we’re a family-owned business. We have a lot of common values. We get a lot of compliments from our customers – and our employees – on the fresh selection and convenience of the Bernick’s products we offer. Their service is awesome. We literally don’t have to do anything; we are in the car business not the beverage business and Bernick’s handles it on our behalf.”

New Flyer - Brent Brockman; Director of Human Resources

new flyer logoNew Flyer is a leader manufacturer of heavy-duty buses in the U.S. and Canada. It's St. Cloud location, a 350,000 sq. foot facility on Opportunity Drive, is home to a team of 700 employees. New Flyer has both first and second shifts, so it's a busy, bustling place. They offer employees a large-scale cafe, plus various vending and beverage options available throughout the vast facility.

"Aside from traditional vending options and solutions, Bernick's provides New Flyer with water and ice machines, plus Gatorade and other electrolyte beverages on fountain on our production floor in accordance with OSHA's Heat Stress Prevention Program. We have a dedication for keeping our employees safe during the hot months, and Bernick's is able to provide that solution for us. Dale is definitely top-notch; he works very hard on Bernick's behalf to meet the needs of his customers. He makes sure all our needs are met, and proactively, too. If we know we're expecting the temps to rise in the upcoming days, he makes sure our Heat Stress stations are stocked and ready. Bernick's is always so responsive to our needs, and I have the utmost respect for Dale and his service capabilities." 

Marco – Scott Roeder; VP of Operations

Marco logoMarco is a large tech company based in St. Cloud that has over 900 employees. They utilized Bernick’s for a micro market solution in their central Minnesota headquarters – a building boasting 80,000sq. feet. Keeping a team of employees that size well stocked in both food and beverage take effort and dedication, something Marco handles with the help of Bernick’s.

“Bernick’s brings a lot of things to the table. I like that they’re local. You know the food is fresh, and not out of Atlanta or anywhere. The micro market is so easy. That’s the biggest feedback we’ve gotten positively – that it’s just convenient for people. Surprisingly enough, our coffee selection – we have various machines and employees can even get a cappuccino – is seen as a big perk at Marco. We’re proud to offer food and beverage items that people appreciate. The variety is pretty great.”


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Published on: Jul 7, 2016

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