On Trend: Your Coffee Counter

The morning coffee trend isn’t a trend anymore; it’s a habit. And while people are habitual in their caffeine fixes, research shows they may not require it from a barista. More and more, people are citing convenience and economics as a reason to make the pump the place to buy coffee. Are you enticing them with your coffee counter’s offerings

Coffee Consumers Want More 

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More as in, more flavors – including coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, and more options – as in hot and cold. That’s probably the beauty of convenience store coffee – the customization it offers consumers. While gas stations used to be considered pit stops on road trips and commutes for snack food, the emerging convenience stores of today are actual destinations. Having the product customers want is key. There are a few components for building coffee programs that will lead to sales increases including:

  • Merchandising POS materials – point of sale programs can increase volume by 10 percent
  • Loyalty programs for your customers – loyalty programs average a 5 percent increase 
  • Equipment update and upgrades – a clean, organized, and fresh environment will drive traffic
  • A balanced coffee menu – an upgraded coffee program including an enhanced presentation and product offering can increase sales by 10 percent to 25 percent

Hot Beverage Solutions

For any retailer trying to present a quality coffee program, basic rules apply. The key to a quality cup of coffee is the perception of freshness. The quality of the beans, water, and grounds are all elements that lend themselves to a great cup of coffee. The balance of water to coffee grounds is also crucial, as is the stability of temperature during holding times. Once the basics have been covered, it is time to consider the “rest” – like the layout and floor of your store as seen from the customer’s eyes, as well as the customization trends that influence customer behavior. The triple-shot-half-caf-room-splash-of-vanilla is likely a legitimate order that customers can obtain at your c-store’s coffee counter, and people like the perception of being able to get exactly what they’re in the mood for. Traditional flavors to include in your offerings are chocolate/mocha, vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, and cinnamon.

Your counter options include: 

  • Coffee brewers in traditional “bank” of brewers or bulk servers
  • Serving equipment – airpot options for flavors and specialty coffees
  • Cappuccino machines
  • Iced drink/iced coffee/iced cappuccino/flavored ice machines
  • Whitener systems
  • Sweetener systems

How Bernick’s Supports You (and Your Coffee)

Since your coffee counter is just a portion of your convenience store, you have several other features and functionality to maintain. We can be your coffee experts – discuss the brand, blends, and the long-term impact of quality. We can offer in-store “cupping” or sampling opportunities to give your customers exposure without tying up your staff. We can help you with coffee profitability, and selecting what your coffee program could look like based on space and volume.

It doesn’t matter where you pour coffee. We just want to partner with you to make that experience the best it can be for your customers. We offer personal customer care combined with quality products, equipment, and service. People are going to drink coffee anyway, 54 percent of adults do each day. They are going to find their fix somewhere. Bernick’s can assist in making your c-store that destination based off the quality, customization, and service you provide your consumer each and every time they visit.

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Published on: Aug 23, 2016

Topics: Vending, Hot Beverage, News

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