Should Seasonality Impact Your Micro Market Menu?


Answer two quick questions:

1. It’s a gray, snowy February day where you work. The temperature is -12°. You’re hungry, and there are two items to choose from in the break room’s micro market: A hot meatloaf sandwich or a chilled fresh green salad with sliced pears. Which do you reach for?

2. You’re at work in July. It’s in the mid-90s under a hot summer sun. You’re hungry, and there are two items to choose from in the break room’s micro market: A hot meatloaf sandwich or a chilled fresh green salad with sliced pears. Which do you reach for?

Most winter warriors would go after the warm comfort found in the meatloaf sandwich, while the majority of summer snackers would find refreshment in the cool crispness of the salad. Yes, seasons matter in the food choices we make.

Micro Markets, a Quick Look

Virtually everyone working at a company appreciates the convenience and benefits of having a micro market on-site. It allows staff to enjoy delicious nutrition and essential hydration quickly. This leads to increased productivity, since employees can spend less time out of the office buying lunch and more time being proactive and collaborating with colleagues.

Coworkers at a group table being presented with lunch in clear containersAccording to Alexander Kjerulf, an author who writes about happiness in the workplace, “Socializing and getting to know co-workers as people will help you to communicate better, trust each other more and work better together. Also, employees who have positive workplace relationships are happier at work, and we know that people who are happy at work are more productive, more creative and more successful overall.”

Having ready access to nutritious food and beverages also boosts healthiness. Employees are less apt to “crash” and experience mental and physical fatigue. As a result, concentration and overall moods improve – which dramatically improves productivity and happiness.

’Tis the Season

With the benefits of having a micro market firmly in place, how can it be made even better? One sure-fire way is to be mindful of what consumer taste preferences are at different times of the year, and within certain special seasons.

As noted in the opening questioning, our food preferences can change because of the environmental conditions outside. Hearty, warm meals are a staple of wintertime dining. Lighter fare, often times chilled, are much more akin to summertime meals. So, it only makes sense to respond to employee cravings by planning adjustments in the micro market menu as seasons change.

Even special times of year can be drivers for certain food and beverage selections. Corned beef and cabbage around St. Patrick’s Day. Turkey around Thanksgiving. Eggnog around Christmas. You get the idea.

Fresh & Local = Relevant & Timely

Close-up of female staff holding basket of vegetables in organic section of supermarketIt’s obvious that sourcing fresh, healthy ingredients prepared by local culinary experts is the best way to treat your staff with a micro market. Everyone would choose that quality over processed “big box” food options, right?

The fresh, local approach has another advantage too. It allows a company’s micro market to bend with the times and address consumer taste preferences through changing seasons and trends. What’s more, when you partner with a micro market expert like Bernick’s, we sit down with you to develop seasonality forecasts – so you’re always one step ahead of the game.

The Bernick’s Bite

We partner with a local catering partner on our micro market menu items. They craft fresh sandwiches and other items five days a week. Each month we collaborate on three new items to introduce to customers. This drives engagement, increases brand loyalty, and keeps your micro market vibrant and desirable. We source local ingredients, like meats and veggies, every possible time.

Bernick’s signature micro market food offerings demanded a special brand name: EATS, which stands for “Enjoyable and Tasty Selections.” We welcome feedback and requests from our customers on the types of EATS items you’d like to see at your workplace, whether it’s in the spring, summer, winter or fall. Bon appétit!


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Published on: May 17, 2019

Topics: Micro Market

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