3 Reasons to Try a Bean-to-Cup Machine

We recently partnered with Beaudry Express, a convenience store located in Elk River, MN and installed a new bean-to-cup machine. The goal was to provide their consumers with an experience they desired while getting gas and their coffee fix. We asked them the same questions we will ask you... What makes a great cup of coffee? Is it the experience? The variety of options? The taste of your favorite coffee bean?

Here's what Beaudry Express consumers had to say about how the new bean-to-cup machine met and exceeded their expectations...

1. It's Quick

The bean-to-cup coffee machine makes a hot cup of Caribou Coffee in just minutes. This means no lines and no waiting. The machine allows the consumer to become the barista, while providing quick coffee cup turnaround time. Now, they can save time while getting the same quality coffee they get at their usual coffee shop. 

2. It's Convenient

hands-coffee-smartphone-technology.jpgHave you ever had to make the decision between getting coffee or gas while on your way to work? I know I have. The bean-to-cup machine is located in convenience stores, and give consumers the chance to get their favorite coffee and fuel up at the same time. It's fast, easy, and will get you to work on time with enough caffeine to get you through the morning! 

3. It's Delicious

This new wave of hot beverage technology allows consumers to customize their coffee drinks. Some favorites that the consumers at Beaudry Express love are iced coffee and vanilla macchiato! Consumers can also add a shot of espresso if they desire; cup sizes range from small (12 ounces) to large (16 ounces). Other coffee drinks and hot beverages include:

    • Coffee – espresso-style in decaf or regular, French roast, or French vanilla flavored
    • Hot water for tea
    • Hot chocolate
    • Iced coffee
    • Café latte

If you want to learn more about Beaudry Express and how they got started with the bean-to-cup coffee machine you can watch videos here and here. Or you can learn more in our convenience store case study, below. 

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Published on: Sep 7, 2016

Topics: Hot Beverage

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