What Hot Beverage & Fountain Beverage Options are Available to Convenience Stores?

For some, variety is the spice of life. While some consumers prefer the same product day in and day out as part of routine, there’s another camp of individuals who love trying new things. Rest assured, everyone doesn’t fall into this category.

FlavorFusion.jpgWe all know someone who eats the same breakfast every day of the week, takes their coffee exactly the same every time, and overall just prefers things to stay the way they are. For these routine-minded individuals, variety is less important – as long as you’re carrying their preference.

Expanding Fountain Beverage Options

When it comes to C-store offerings, carrying a variety of hot beverage and fountain beverage options is a great opportunity to set yourself apart. For instance, fountain beverage options have definitely grown in recent years to include both carbonated and non-carbonated options.

Today’s fountain machines dispense sweetened and unsweetened tea, lemonade, fruit punch, orange and pineapple juice, energy drinks, sparkling water, flavored water, and flavor shots. Providing fountain options that go beyond soda is a great way to provide options for more individuals.

Hot Beverage Options You Need to Know About

Most hot beverage stations at convenience stores are busy areas. Even stores with modest offerings generate a fair amount of traffic, which makes sense if you look at the facts. Hot beverages are popular commodities. 50% of Americans drink tea daily, and 61% of adults enjoy a daily cup of coffee. Adding to this frequency is the various health benefits associated with hot beverages.

All combined, it makes sense to provide greater options so consumers learn they can get these drinks from your store. Some hot beverage options to consider are: bean-to-cup brewing, herbal infusions, hot cocoa, cider, and mint teas. Including a flavor station is another way to increase options and provide more flavors for your customers to experiment with and enjoy.

Carrying Something for Everyone

Providing additional hot beverage and fountain beverage options is a great way to attract and keep customers at your C-store. There are some who prefer the same thing every day and others who like trying new things.

By providing additional options on top of your standard offering is a great opportunity to service both types of people – as well as those in-between. Who knows, one of these new flavors or options might turn into someone’s new routine – turning that someone into your new regular.

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Published on: Jun 23, 2016

Topics: Hot Beverage, Soda Fountain

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