Your Inside Look: 2017 Consumer Trends in Food & Beverage [Infographic]

Trends are a funny thing. At times it can seem as if they have a mind of their own, whether they're turning on a dime or seemingly showing up out of nowhere. What's important to remember, though, is that trends are not living, breathing things. People are living, breathing things, and people drive trends. If you want to keep a pulse on where the trends are going, pay attention to the people

Consumer Trends for 2017

As you'll see in the infographic below, many of the 2017 consumer trends are driven by the largest living generation: Millennials. And if there's one thing the Millennial generation is well-known for, it's doing things differently. The ways in which they consume, whether it's information, foods and beverages, or relationships, differs greatly from the Baby Boomer generation. Prepare yourself and your business for the changing consumer landscape by understanding how the new majority population assigns value and chooses to shop.  

2017 Food & Beverage Trends Infographic

Your inside look at 2017 consumer trends and stats infographic

Position Yourself for Success in 2017

There are steps the food and beverage industry can take in order to get in front of these consumer trends. As shopping habits change in favor of digitally enabled experiences, consider ways your business can incorporate digital experiences into your current offerings. Once you know the Millennial generation responds well to brand loyalty, identify areas to promote that preference. If your goal is getting your consumers to physically visit your location, offer on-site promotions

Perhaps the best advice I can give is to think of these consumer trends as opportunities. The rising popularity of natural, yet functional foods and beverages shows no signs of slowing down, meaning product development efforts have a clear direction to move in. Additionally, direct-to-consumer e-commerce provides numerous opportunities to elevate shopping experiences by receiving real-time responses on new products and concepts, building brand loyalty, and positioning your product as convenient and ideal.

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Published on: Jan 9, 2017

Topics: News

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