Why (and How) Bernick's Is Your Preferred Senior Living Beverage Distributor

Bernick's provides a wide range of customers and clients with the high-quality beverages customers and residents love. Many clients believe Bernick's focuses its efforts on businesses like bars and restaurants, but in factthis company serves clients across a variety of industries and service models.

Some of Bernick's most notable customers are in the senior living and healthcare sector, where robust communities rely on Bernick's highly responsive operations to help them meet their patients' and residents' needs. Read on to learn why so many senior living facilities rely on Bernick's, and why Bernick's smaller-scale operations make it such a positive choice for so many businesses and facilities.

Assisting Senior Living Facilities

Why (and How) Bernick's Is Your Preferred Senior Living Beverage DistributorThe quality of food and drink at a facility is a major influence on its reputation and serves as a powerful draw for potential residents. After all, if you're going to be living long-term in a place, don't you want the amenities to be top-notch?

That's why retirement care communities around the Central Minnesota area partner with Bernick's. Bernick's knows serving meals is about cultivating a sense of community, and beverages are a key part of that. The variety and quality of beverages a facility serves contributes to its welcoming, friendly atmosphere.

Like any back of the house operation in the food and beverage industry, many senior living facilities' kitchens operate like a well-oiled machine. All meals and beverages need to be provided for all residents on a regular schedule. Not having enough of a beverage, or not having the right kind, can be a major damper on the overall dining experience. 

In any kitchen, precision and responsiveness are important, and all senior living communities need a beverage supplier that steps up to the plate. At Bernick's, we take this to heart each day we serve this particular demographic. 

The Local Difference

Many facilities choose to partner with large distributors for their food and beverage needs. These companies are often highly visible, so many facilities seek them out first.

However, these large distributors are often much less responsive than smaller companies. Many kitchens are filled with uncertainty: planning for an event with short notice, unexpected spoilage, or a sudden shortfall can all dramatically impact a facility's needs. When they go through a large distributor, that company may leave them hanging when they need assistance.

A smaller, more local company like Bernick's offers the same variety of options many larger distributors offer, but with a more responsive, efficient framework. With Bernick's, facilities have a strong relationship with a local company that's highly attentive to their needs.

A Range of Industry Experience

Bernick's is proud to partner not just with senior living and healthcare facilities, but with a wide range of companies around the area. Many people are familiar with our company thanks to our local commitment and partnership with bars and restaurants, but our service extends beyond that. We also partner with recreational organizations, offices and businesses, schools, sporting venues, and entertainment facilities. We like to say where there are people and a need for food and beverage, Bernick's can be, too.

All of these clients have chosen Bernick's because they're responsive. These customers prefer an intimate relationship with a local supplier who knows and meets their needs, over an impersonal relationship with a large company. It's no wonder so many clients trust Bernick's.

Over 15,000 active customers have chosen Bernick's as their supplier. Senior living and healthcare facilities are just one component of a large, vibrant web of clients who love Bernick's for exactly what it is -- a small, local, friendly company that's the perfect all-in-one partner. 

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Published on: Sep 6, 2018

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