Beverages are Big Business

Fewer things unite people more than a cup of coffee or effervescent glass of soda. Most businesses and office buildings of today provide people with beverage options including soda fountain machines and hot coffee. Bernick’s knows how important the perfect beverage is, and helps our customers maintain the best beverage program.

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Vending & Machine Repair

Customers who own their equipment and are located within our designated service territories don’t have to be experts in vending machine or soda machine repair. Instead, they can rest easy and simply call the Bernick’s service team during our regular business hours. From same day assistance to scheduled preventative maintenance, the Bernick’s service team will address any issue that prevents equipment from dispensing the perfect vending or beverage item.

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Soda Fountains

There’s still the thrill of anticipation that comes with pressing a glass against a soda fountain machine, waiting for the bubbly goodness that comes with drinking a favorite soda or non-carbonated beverage. A soda fountain machine supplied by Bernick’s is completely customizable to unique customer needs, and can feature a blend of classic soda brands, teas, lemonades, non-carbonated offerings, and even enhanced water or sports drinks.

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Specialty Equipment

Bernick’s offers specialty equipment such as ice makers, coolers, water and ice dispensers, microwaves, and more.

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For your convenience, Bernick’s offers supplies such as plates, napkins, straws, toilet tissue, bags, and more.

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For over half of the American population, coffee is a daily ritual. Knowing the emphasis so many people place on that daily necessity, it’s equally as important for our customers to meet those needs with coffee vending machines or a coffee dispenser. As with anything in the food and beverage category, innovation has changed the way people consume coffee, and elevate their overall experience.

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Spire Machine

PEPSI SPIRE™ is the first digital fountain that lets you personalize your favorite PEPSI® brands.

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“The Bernick’s process is an easy one. It took us less than one month to get our new machine – the bean-to-cup coffee machine – established in our store for our consumers. Our consumers love not having an extra stop along their day, 24 hours a day accommodating every hour and every schedule different people keep.”

– Josh Lund, Beaudry Express

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