This Isn’t Your Grandpa’s Soda Fountain

There’s still the thrill of anticipation that comes with pressing a glass against a soda fountain machine, waiting for the bubbly goodness that comes with drinking a favorite soda or non-carbonated beverage. Today’s consumers still love variety, and they still love the special treat of refreshing, comforting glass of an iconic brand of pop. A soda fountain machine supplied by Bernick’s is completely customizable to unique customer needs, and can feature a blend of classic soda brands, teas, lemonades, non-carbonated offerings, and even enhanced water or sports drinks. There is quite literally something for every discerning taste or trend that consumers experience.

Our beverage team will assess your location and make recommendations for the best fountain drink dispenser tailored to your unique needs. We have a strategy at Bernick’s called “fix the mix” which means developing all customer soda fountains to feature the brands and beverages they want – with the right ratio of traditional soda, better for you options, and non-carbonated options as well.

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“When it comes to service we’re a large customer. And that means we demand support but with Bernick’s it’s never been a challenge. We’ve never had to be proactive – or reactive for that matter – about the support we get. Bernick’s sets their own expectations for service and response, and they always exceed or beat them.”

– Michael Engel, Grand Casino

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