Our Machine Repair Service is Second to None

Customers who own their equipment and are located within our designated service territories don’t have to be experts in vending machine or soda machine repair. Instead, they can rest easy and simply call the Bernick’s service team during our regular business hours. From same day assistance to scheduled preventative maintenance, the Bernick’s service team will address any issue that prevents equipment from dispensing the perfect vending or beverage item.

We often say soda fountains are a unique science. The ultimate glass of soda is finely tuned, and there are several components at play including syrup, CO2, temperature, ice quality, cleanliness, and appearance. Bernick’s empowers customers and their staff to know when something isn’t right with their soda fountain machines, and can troubleshoot most events via onsite communication. In the event that further support is needed, we’ll dispatch a service tech for a rapid and effective resolution.

Our vending machine repair service operates in much the same way, though there’s less components involved than dialing in on the right glass of soda. Vending machine technology has evolved to the point where a lot of the machines of today offer intuitive inventory management meaning there’s less out of stock issue. Regardless of innovation, the Bernick’s vending machine repair team can easily be on the ground and running if customers experience anything out of the ordinary from their machines.

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“I did some initial research on changing syrup providers. I asked around - Bernick's is three miles down the road - and heard time and time again from other businesses how great Bernick's is. They have a good reputation. It was a no-brainer to go with them.”

– Mike Annunziata, St. Croix Falls Cinema

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