Bernick’s Frequently Asked Questions

With so many great products and resources to explore, getting started can be daunting! Below we answer your most common FAQs and provide links and resources to point you in the right direction.

At Bernick’s, we pride ourselves on providing individualized customer care, so whether your question is answered here or not, you should always feel free to contact us directly.

How can I start serving Bernick's products?

We’re so excited you’d like to partner with us! The first step to getting started distributing Bernick’s products is to talk to one of our specialists today. At Bernick’s, we work with a wide range of industries and we know one size does not fit all.

Our experts will create a custom plan for you that takes your company’s individual business model and goals into consideration. Just fill out the form above, and one of our specialists will be in touch soon.

How do I give feedback on Bernick's products?

We appreciate your feedback. If you’re looking to communicate with us about a particular Bernick’s product or service, you can fill out this form with your information and select “Providing Feedback” from the dropdown menu. Feel free to put your thoughts under the “Questions/Comments” section, and we will be in touch shortly.

How many products does Bernick's make and distribute?

Bernick’s offers an extensive rotating selection of products from hundreds of local and national brands. We supply soft drinks, water, tea, beer, seltzers, ciders, coffee, sports and energy drinks, in addition to food and snack options. Availability varies by area. For catalogs of products available in your area, visit our Resources page and click “Products.”

You can also download our free ebook to explore our full selection of beverages.

How does Bernick's decide which beverages to sell?

Bernick’s looks to partner with brands that make quality products and share our values of excellence and community. Some of our oldest partnerships were formed in the mid-1900s and remain strong to this day.

We also follow the latest consumer trends and develop individualized plans to make sure we are stocking drinks your customers will love.

Does Bernick's make all the beverages that it sells and distributes, or are some of the beverages made elsewhere?

Bernick’s distributes our wholesale products directly from our local warehouses. The brands we partner with make and bottle their own beverages, and we distribute them.

Does Bernick's own the formulas of the beverages it makes and sells?

Nope! Bernick’s distributes food and beverages from hundreds of local and national brands, and our offerings change frequently based on season and location. The formulas of the products we provide belong to the companies which produce them.

How can I find out more about your advertising and promotions?

Visit our Promotions page to keep up to date on our latest offers and sweepstakes. 

Why can't I find my favorite product in my neighborhood store?

The products we supply vary by location. Not all of our brands are available in all areas. We also like to keep our selections rotating seasonally. For complete catalogs of products available in your area, visit our Resources page and click “Products."

If you’re looking for a specific product we supply that is not available in your area, you can provide us feedback using this form.

I work for a non-profit community organization. How do I request a donation for my event?

At Bernick’s, we are proud to support the communities in which we do business. Each year, Bernick’s gives back 5% of our company earnings in the form of community donations.

In order to be considered for a donation, your organization must be non-profit and your event must take place in one of the areas we serve. Organizations that assist children or that are designed to assist the greatest amount of people possible will be prioritized. If you believe your organization is a good fit, fill out our this form at least four weeks in advance of your event date, and we will be in touch.

Are you hiring?

Yes! We’re always looking for talented individuals to join our company. Visits our Careers page to peruse open positions in your area.

Where can I find more information about your products?

We list each brand we distribute from and highlight our flagship brands on our Products page. For a comprehensive list of which products are available in your area, visit our Resources page Center and click “Products.” You can also download our free ebook.

Also, be sure to visit our library of blog articles. There you’ll find a wide variety of posts about our products, news updates, and thought leadership about the beverage and vending industries at large. If you’re looking to gain insights into consumer habits or searching for tips on how to utilize Bernick’s products to your full advantage, check it out.

Have a question we haven’t answered?

Contact us! We’re more than happy to connect and answer your questions directly.

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Published on: Feb 15, 2022

Topics: Products, Service

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