Best PICO Market Options for Hotels

Within the sector of hospitality, the guest experience is everything. Installing PICO (Person In Charge Of) markets in hotels can significantly enhance the guest experience and add substantial value to the customers' stay. Read on—here's how.

PICO markets provide guests with a convenient and accessible way to purchase a variety of products right within the hotel premises. This eliminates the need for guests to leave the hotel in search of snacks, beverages, or essentials. Whether it's a late-night craving or a quick bite before heading out, PICO markets offer 24/7 access to a range of items, enhancing guests' convenience and comfort. Hotels often have limited service hours for on-site restaurants or room service. PICO markets fill the gap by offering products beyond these hours, ensuring that guests have access to food and drinks even when traditional options are unavailable. PICO markets can be customized to cater to the preferences of the hotel's guests. This personalization allows hotels to offer products that align with the tastes and dietary requirements of different guest demographics, ensuring a tailored experience. Hotels can use PICO markets to showcase local flavors, unique snacks, and specialty items from the region. This not only introduces guests to the local culture but also adds a memorable touch to their stay.

The availability of a PICO market adds to overall guest satisfaction by providing an extra layer of convenience and a "home away from home" feeling. Satisfied guests are more likely to have positive feedback and return for future stays. Guests may be hesitant to leave the hotel for quick purchases, especially during unfavorable weather conditions or when they're in a hurry. PICO markets eliminate the need for such disruptions, keeping guests comfortable and minimizing inconveniences. PICO markets encourage guests to spend within the hotel rather than seeking options outside. This can contribute to increased revenue for the hotel, enhancing its financial performance. PICO markets can offer healthier food and beverage options, allowing guests to make mindful choices during their stay. This aligns with the growing trend of health-conscious travelers seeking nutritious options. Hotels that offer PICO markets stand out from competitors that lack such amenities. This unique offering can attract travelers who value convenience and customized experiences. PICO markets align with the modern traveler's preferences for innovative and tech-savvy amenities. Installing PICO markets showcases the hotel's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for guest comfort. Families and groups traveling together can benefit from PICO markets by easily obtaining items suitable for different members' preferences and schedules.

Why Hotels should install PICO Markets

PICO markets in hotels add significant value to guests' experiences by offering convenience, choice, personalization, and extended service hours. These markets align with the evolving expectations of modern travelers and contribute to heightened guest satisfaction, which ultimately benefits the hotel's reputation and revenue.

Best PICO Market Options for Hotels

Thinking about stocking a well-thought-out PICO market means thinking about it from your guests’ experience and expectations. This perspective enables your team to be proactive in meeting guest criteria and satisfaction. When it comes to stocking a well-curated PICO market, consider the following categories as must-haves that raise your hotel’s star rating.


This one is obvious, yet there’s more to stocking your PICO market with basic chips and crackers. Snacking has evolved and trends are on the rise in this particular category. A holistic, health-friendly approach to snack items will meet the expectations of even the most discerning customer. In addition to standby and fan-favorite labels and brands, think of out-of-the-box items like protein essentials, cleaner ingredients, local representation, and sustainable, eco-forward brands.

Meal-Ready Items

Traveling, whether for work or play, is often a long haul and doesn’t always go as planned. Missed or delayed flights or shuttles, extended work trips, weather implications, and just plain oversleeping can cause some guests to panic as they rush about their days. Stocking your PICO market with meal-ready items ensures that they’ll at least be nourished as they manage their chaotic travel. Ramen bowls or kits, salad and protein packs, and charcuterie-style snack boxes go a long way to appeal to those who are hungry and in a hurry.

Little Luxury Treats

There’s something special about treats and the unexpected when traveling or away from home. Help make your guests’ travel experience more memorable by featuring treat items within your PICO market that feel like luxury and elevated eating. Think high-end chocolates, organic or vegan-based delicacies, and well-made snack and treat items that match your hotel’s service principle: high-end.

Travel Essentials

While we’re unsure of the data, we’re positive that when people travel, they inevitably forget some essential or another upon leaving home. It’s too hard to think of every away-from-home detail in the packing prep. A PICO market should offer your guests more than food and beverage items; it can act as a canteen for other personal items like personal hygiene items, electronic chargers, sunglasses and reading glasses, socks, scarves, and travel pillows.

Healthcare Items

Band-Aids®, suncare and SPF items, shaving kits, makeup items, cold and allergy meds, and other over-the-counter healthcare items are always in high demand for travelers … because one never knows when something unexpected might occur. A PICO market that acts as a mini dispensary or drugstore will be very appreciated by your guests!

Let Us Help to Pick the Best Options for You

Distributor partners like Bernick’s can play a crucial role in helping hotels choose the best PICO market and machine options for their specific needs. Our industry expertise, product knowledge, and understanding of market trends can guide hotels toward making informed decisions that aim to enhance guest experience. We start by understanding the unique requirements of the hotel. Then, we collaborate with hotel management to identify factors such as the target audience, space availability, budget constraints, and desired product offerings.

As a century-plus distributor, we are well-versed in the technology integrated into PICO markets, such as touchscreens, payment systems, and inventory management software. Our PICO team can explain how these technologies work and how they can benefit hotel operations. We take time to explain maintenance and support services offered by different manufacturers, depending upon the equipment you select. This includes warranties, technical assistance, and ongoing monitoring to ensure the PICO markets operate smoothly. We make it our job, not yours, to stay updated on industry trends and emerging technologies. This enables our team to provide hotels with insights into the latest advancements that could enhance the guest experience.

Interested in a valuable partnership to help your hotel choose the best PICO market and machine options? Connect with our team to vet their expertise, product knowledge, and understanding of the hotel's needs to ensure that the selected solution aligns with your hotel's goals, enhances your guest experience, and meets budgetary considerations.

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Published on: Dec 15, 2023

Topics: PICO Markets

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