Celebrating Soda via Fountain Options: An Infographic

Pepsi-Cola. It Makes You Scintillate. -1919 slogan

Soda has always been special. When Caleb Bradham of New Bern, NC created “Brad’s drink” in 1893 and featured it on his drugstore’s fountain, soda was immediately heralded because it was new. That formula eventually went on to be trademarked as Pepsi. But something happened at the turn of the 20th century, something that is being celebrated on soda fountains today, over 100 years later…




Here are four reasons to flock to the fountains today…

1. You Don’t Drink Soda, You Live It

As that Pepsi slogan from 1919 alluded to, drinking soda made you sparkle, shine bright, and be dazzling. That’s quite the hefty promise based on a beverage, but what that slogan actually aligned with was the experience soda could grant its drinkers. Something new, light, carefree, and fun, soda can still offer consumers visiting a convenience store or bar and restaurant that nostalgia, or sense of enjoyment that can only come from the sweet, effervescent experience on tap. What’s even better, in addition to the standard fountain options like A&W Root Beer, Dr Pepper, Crush, and Mountain Dew, craft soda and smaller batch mentality is now available. Stubborn Soda, for example, is PepsiCo’s line of craft beverages soon available on their own, dedicated fountain system. 

2. Friendlier Labels & Consumer-Focused Ingredients

Brands who listen to their consumers and make marketing decisions based on that feedback tend to do better by driving brand loyalty and consumer engagement. In recent years, consumer sentiment, particularly those health-conscious sectors have voiced their opinions about sugar and sweetener consumption. Beverage brands are no different. In that vein, ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and aspartame are being replaced with natural ingredients including real sugar. Caleb’s Kola, for example boasts three ingredients: sparkling water, cane sugar, and kola nut extract. That back-to-basics recipe is sure to be a hit with consumers looking for natural options on their stand-by fountains.  

3. And If Soda isn’t Your Consumer’s Favorite…

They’ll still be able to have that special soda fountain experience, while opting for non-soda beverages. The ability to make choices is what the C-store or restaurant patrons ultimately want, and a fountain granting non-soda beverages will meet those needs. Klarbrunn’s enhanced sparkling water Vita ICE is now available on fountain and sparkling juice brand Izze has expanded its product portfolio, with sparkling water options now fountain-available, and with the popularity of that emerging market, more and more non-soda fountain options will continue to be at your disposal, giving your customers a better fountain experience.

4. Fountain Favorites without the CO2

Anytime you pour a beverage into a cup and add ice and a straw, it’s crossed the line from a drink to an experience. The customization that each consumer has as he or she pours that beverage is what will make them return to your store or restaurant for more of it. Knowing that bubbles aren’t for everyone all the time, it’s important to note what other non-carbonated beverage options you can add to your bank of fountains. Classic favorites like Brisk or Arizona iced teas or lemonade have long been enjoyed as a fountain offering, while new options include sports drinks like Gatorade and enhanced water like Lifewater.

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Published on: Feb 29, 2016

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