How to Create PICO Markets in Offices

When considering the offerings your office space or retail setting has for those you serve, how crucial is employee access and satisfaction on your list of considerations? Probably pretty high. The changing landscape of the workplace environment has been influenced by many things over the past few years, and employee satisfaction ranks among the highest. Have you considered how your food and beverage offerings are meeting those satisfaction needs?

Getting food and related items in offices can present several challenges that impact employees' convenience, satisfaction, and productivity. PICO (Person In Charge Of) markets are designed to address these challenges by providing a solution that caters to employees' needs and preferences.

Here's how PICO markets can fix the issues commonly faced in office environments.

Limited Options

Traditional office vending machines often offer a limited selection of snacks and beverages, leaving employees with few choices for satisfying their hunger and cravings.

PICO Solution: PICO markets provide a diverse range of products, including snacks, fresh foods, beverages, and even non-food items. This broader selection ensures that employees can find items that suit their dietary preferences and preferences.

Inconvenient Access

Employees might need to leave the office premises to find suitable meals or snacks, resulting in wasted time and decreased productivity.

PICO Solution: PICO markets are strategically placed within office buildings, making them easily accessible to employees. Employees can quickly grab a meal, snack, or drink during breaks without needing to leave the premises.

Limited Operating Hours

Traditional convenience stores and cafes often have set operating hours, which might not align with employees' schedules, especially for those working late shifts.

PICO Solution: PICO markets operate 24/7, providing access to food and items at any time of the day or night. This flexibility accommodates employees with varying work schedules.

Healthy & Nutrition

Employees may struggle to find healthy and nutritious options within the office, leading to suboptimal eating habits.

PICO Solution: PICO markets can offer a selection of fresh foods, salads, fruits, and healthier snack alternatives. Employees have the opportunity to make more nutritious choices without leaving the office.

Lack of Customization

Traditional vending machines often lack the ability to tailor products to employees' preferences or dietary restrictions.

PICO Solution: PICO markets can be customized to offer products that align with employee preferences, such as gluten-free, vegan, or locally sourced items. This customization enhances the overall shopping experience.

Limited Payment Options

Some office canteens or cafes might only accept cash or specific payment methods, causing inconvenience for employees who prefer alternative payment options.

PICO Solution: PICO markets integrate modern payment technologies, including mobile wallets and contactless payments, allowing employees to use their preferred payment methods.

Inventory Management

Traditional office snack areas can experience inconsistent restocking and may run out of popular items, leading to frustration among employees. Over time, employees might become bored with the limited choices available in traditional office food options.

PICO Solution: PICO markets utilize advanced inventory management systems to track product levels and ensure timely restocking. This minimizes the likelihood of products being unavailable. PICO markets offer a rotating selection of products, introducing variety and keeping employees engaged with new options.

PICO markets address the challenges of providing convenient, varied, and accessible food and other related items in office settings. By offering a wider range of products, customizable options, and 24/7 access, PICO markets enhance the overall workplace experience, improve employee satisfaction, and contribute to a healthier and more productive work environment.

How can PICO Markets Be Useful for Offices?

PICO markets offer numerous advantages for offices, enhancing the overall workplace experience for both employees and employers. PICO markets provide employees with convenient access to a wide range of products right within the office premises. This eliminates the need for employees to leave the office to find snacks, meals, or other essentials, saving time and increasing productivity. Since they operate 24/7, PICO markets cater to employees who work various shifts or have non-traditional hours. This accessibility ensures that employees can find what they need at any time, enhancing their work-life balance. The diverse selection of products, including snacks, beverages, fresh foods, hygiene items, and more caters to employees with different dietary preferences and needs. Variety is important! PICO markets can be customized to offer products that resonate with the preferences of the office employees. This personalization enhances the shopping experience and increases employee satisfaction. This vending solution can include healthier food and snack options, promoting better eating habits among employees. This can have a positive impact on their overall health and well-being.

Providing employees with easy access to a well-stocked PICO market can boost morale and job satisfaction. It demonstrates that the company values their comfort and convenience. It’s a win-win solution to ensure your employee satisfaction remains high.

Things You Need to Create PICO Markets in Offices

So … a PICO market is sounding more and more like a great idea for your office space. So now that you understand the benefits and features of such a solution, what do you need to get one installed within your location? Here’s a quick list of must-considers for your attention.

The People Perspective

Consider the demographics and preferences of your potential customers. Are they likely to value convenience and quick access to a variety of products? Think about the types of products your audience might need on a regular basis. Research whether similar businesses or establishments in your industry are already offering automated retail solutions like PICO markets. Determine if there is a gap in the market that you can fill by providing a unique and convenient shopping experience. Evaluate how the introduction of a PICO market might affect customer engagement and interactions. Will it enhance or detract from the overall customer experience?

Operational Angles

Assess the physical location of your business. Is it situated in a space where setting up a PICO market would be feasible and beneficial? Consider foot traffic, accessibility, and the convenience factor for your customers. Evaluate your ability to manage and maintain the PICO market. This includes restocking, inventory management, and addressing technical issues. Assess whether you have the resources and infrastructure to support a PICO market, including staff, technology, and space. Calculate the potential costs of setting up and operating a PICO market. Consider factors like equipment, inventory, maintenance, and marketing. Estimate the potential revenue that a PICO market could generate and compare it to your costs.

Tech, Legal, & Scalability

Research any legal requirements or regulations related to operating automated retail solutions in your industry and location. Ensure that your business complies with health and safety standards, licensing, and other relevant regulations. Consider how comfortable you are with integrating technology into your business operations. PICO markets often involve digital interfaces, mobile apps, and inventory management systems. Consider whether you have plans to expand your business or replicate the PICO market model in multiple locations. Is the concept scalable for your business growth? Consider piloting a PICO market on a smaller scale to gauge customer interest and gather feedback before fully committing.

How Bernicks can help setup PICO Markets in Offices

Working with a distributor partner like Bernick’s on a PICO market installation offers several advantages. Distributor partners like our company bring industry expertise and experience to the table. They have a deep understanding of the automated retail landscape, including the intricacies of PICO market installations. This expertise can significantly streamline the installation process and ensure that the market is set up effectively. We can assess your office space or chosen location to determine the optimal placement of the PICO market. They consider factors such as foot traffic patterns, visibility, and accessibility, ensuring that the market is strategically positioned for maximum engagement. We can also assist in selecting the right equipment for your PICO market, including shelving, refrigeration units, digital interfaces, and payment systems. Their knowledge of available technology ensures that you choose the most suitable options for your specific needs. We’ll handle the technical integration of the PICO market's components—this includes setting up digital interfaces, ensuring seamless connectivity, and troubleshooting any technical challenges that may arise. Bernick’s offers comprehensive support throughout the installation process and beyond–this is our brand promise. Our range of services can alleviate various challenges and uncertainties that might arise during the implementation of a PICO market.

In short, when you collaborate with a distributor partner like Bernick’s on your PICO market installation, you’ll receive endless avenues of industry knowledge, technical expertise, and comprehensive support within your process. Our experience and services can help ensure a smooth installation, efficient setup, and continued success of your PICO market, ultimately enhancing the convenience and satisfaction of your office employees.

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Published on: Jan 2, 2024

Topics: PICO Markets

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