Pepsi on the Big Screen: St. Croix Falls Cinema [VIDEO]

What's a movie without a tub of buttery, salty popcorn and large ice-cold Pepsi to wash it down with?

We'd call that a disappointment! Our install team recently completed a project for a new customer of ours, St. Croix Falls Cinema 8 in St. Croix Falls, WI. We recorded a portion of that (very) early morning job, and wanted to share the video testimonial. It covers what it's like to be new to the Bernick's extended family, how beverage sales make or break a theater, and the impact small businesses have on community

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Soda + Ticket Sales

Mike Annunziata has been the general manager at St. Croix Falls Cinema since 2011. The eight screen digital theater has been a prominent part of the community since 2005. When Mike came on board, the theater was pouring Coke, and it continued to do so until becoming a Bernick's customer recently. Mike said, "Successful [theater] exhibition depends on concession sales. With movie studios getting from 50 to 70 percent of each ticket sale, the revenue we need to keep offering new release movies to this community depends largely on food and beverage sales."

"I did some initial research on changing syrup providers. I asked around - Bernick's is three miles down the road - and heard time and time again from other businesses how great Bernick's is. They have a good reputation. It was a no-brainer to go with them," Mike added.

The Pepsi Powerhouse 

Mike talked about switching not only service providers but beverage brands, too. "We know Pepsi brands are leading sellers in the Midwest. A large portion of our customers like and want Pepsi options to choose from. The portfolio of products essentially sells itself. MTN Dew, for example, is huge locally and it helped that a lot of our employees are Pepsi fans, too. We forecast a larger increase in soda sales with a new portfolio," he said.

Mike anticipates feedback being positive and noted that change is good, especially in an industry where so much stays the same. Adding variety and giving customers more options will continue to drive loyalty and make St. Croix Falls Cinema a true destination.

Community Presence 

When we turned on the camera, we asked Mike to tell us a little about his theater. He instantly led with the focus St. Croix Falls Cinema has on the city and surrounding areas. It was easy to see the pride and involvement Mike and his team have about being a small, locally owned business. He said, "We're a very community-oriented business with emphasis on supporting people and causes. We appreciate customer support including our hundreds of local regulars as well as a swell of seasonal tourists."

That sounds familiar - we know just how you feel, Mike! Welcome to the Bernick's family. 


Published on: Sep 26, 2017

Topics: Community, News

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