Tis the Season for Philanthropy! Giving Back with Bernick's

Here at Bernick's, community involvement is one of our values. We live and work in the communities we serve, and in order to be a successful company, our communities must be strong and healthy. By providing time, talent, and resources, we support our community, and in turn, our community supports us.

Opportunities for Philanthropy with Bernick's

One of the ways we give back is by providing opportunities and support for members of our community. We've found that while there's no shortage of people interested in philanthropy, it helps to have support, structure, and resources to make their efforts successful. Below, I'll outline a few of the ways you can give back with Bernick's. 

Tis the Season for Philanthropy! Giving Back with Bernick'sBecome a Family Fitness Series Sponsor

Part of keeping our communities strong is keeping them healthy. The Bernick's Family Fitness Series promotes fun, educational, and family-friendly fitness events. Throughout the year, we provide numerous opportunities for families and community members to participate in 5K events. And, we gladly waive the participation fee for anyone who could not attend the event due to being unable to afford it. If you'd like to become a Family Fitness Series Sponsor, click here

Fund Your Project or Program

Beyond the events and opportunities Bernick's puts on throughout the year, we also support other organizations and entities who are doing their own projects or programs in our Minnesota and western Wisconsin communities. The Bernick's Family Foundation supports two key areas through funding: 

  1. Youth and Education
  2. Health and Fitness

We fund 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, schools, and government entities that are either based in or serving areas within the Bernick's Community Support territory

Tis the Season for Philanthropy! Giving Back with Bernick'sTake Environmental Responsibility

Our facilities have successful programs for waste minimization, we participate in multiple sustainability and recycling programs, and we provide comprehensive recycling education programs for schools in our market. For those interested in starting recycling education programs in their communities or schools, we provide tools and resources to help

Our Year of Giving Back 

During 2016, we continued giving back to our Minnesota and western Wisconsin communities through multiple events and initiatives. It's something we've done for many years, and it's something we look forward to continuing into the future. We held multiple family-friendly events in support of health, wellness, community, and education. 2016 was especially philanthropic due to our 100 Years, 100 Grand Giving Initiative, where we, along with Bernick's customers, donated a total of $100,000 to area nonprofit organizations. Stay in-the-know about upcoming opportunities and events by subscribing to our eNewsletter.  

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Published on: Dec 21, 2016

Topics: Community

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