• All beverage containers we sell and distribute are 100% recyclable. 
  • We use reusable plastic trays to distribute over 80% of our beverage products. The remaining products are distributed in recyclable corrugated boxes.
  • All Bernick’s facilities have successful waste minimization programs in place. Waste has been reduced by 70% by working with our waste haulers and separating recyclable material from general trash.
  • Shipping materials such as polyethylene film, pallets, and shipping containers are returned to our suppliers for re-use.
  • Our fleet of sales and delivery vehicles are maintained through preventative maintenance and regularly scheduled service. Vehicles operate efficiently and safely.
  • All of our vending machines, coolers, and fountain equipment have been converted to environmentally safe refrigerants as approved by the EPA.
  • We provide a comprehensive recycling education program for schools in our market, including recycling education materials, custom signage, and recycle bins.
  • We participate in “Get Caught Recycling,” a statewide program that encourages consumers to reduce and awards their participation; the annual Keep America Beautiful campaign; and the annual Spring Great American Cleanup event.
  • Forklift and power jack equipment use smart chargers to save energy and extend the life of batteries.
  • Warehouse lighting has been upgraded to high output T8 fixtures and occupancy sensors for energy savings.
  • We’re members of Minnesota’s Waste Wise Program.
  • Bernick’s is committed to sound water management, including conservation, watershed protection, stewardship accountability, and innovation.

What can you do?

  • Never litter. Dispose of all waste appropriately.
  • Sort your recyclables from the rest of your trash.
  • Participate in your communities’ curbside recycling or drop-off programs.
  • Help start a recycling education program in your community or school. We have tools to help you.

For more information, email responsibility@bernicks.com or call 320-252-6441, 800-627-0287, visit the MN Beverage Association web site, www.mnbev.com and the WI Beverage Association web site, www.wibeverage.com.

Fast Facts

  • Over the years, beverage containers have been light weighted to reduce the amount of material, while still protecting beverage product quality.
  • In 1972, it took 45 pounds of aluminum to produce 1000 beverage cans. Today it only takes 29 pounds to produce the same number of cans.
  • Aluminum cans contain 52% previously used and recycled aluminum cans.
  • The 20-ounce plastic container—first introduced in the early 1990’s—has been light weighted by 13%, saving millions of pounds of material annually.
  • Plastic beverage bottles contain up to 25% recycled content.