The hallmark of the food service industry is service. Bernick’s understands the importance of providing consumers with the best experience each time they visit a restaurant or bar establishment like yours. No matter your specialty or niche, our service team has the beverage program assistance to help you meet and exceed the expectations of your customers. 

We handle installation and ongoing maintenance of a variety of beverage programs. This includes hot beverage, fountain programs, cold brew systems, and bottled, ready-to-drink packaging like craft beer. Bernick’s beverage options are endless. And, those options are also 100 percent customizable based on what your business is looking for. We partner with every type of dining model imaginable – grab and go, convenience-style counters, full-service five-star dining, event and convention centers, recreation and seasonal, and everything in between.

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“They [Bernick’s] are so accessible and so easy to deal with, and they’re always helpful. They’re really, really good when it comes to answering questions. They make you feel very comfortable.”
– Pam Dols, Dolsie’s Lunch Box Grille
“You want to be with a company that cares about you, that cares about the community, and wants to make sure that you’re a success. And Bernick’s will do that.”
– Pam Dols, Dolsie’s Lunch Box Grille
“They’re very knowledgeable. They’ve had some people working for them for a very long time, so if we had a problem they could help me fix it. They’re on top of it. Not only that, but you can call them – it can be any hour of the day– they come right over.”
– Mike Dols, Coyote Moon Grille
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