Hydrated (and caffeinated!) employees are happy employees. The workplace landscape has changed drastically over the past 10 years – when was the last time you reviewed your food and beverage options onsite? From changing consumer preferences with a hyper-focus on health and convenience to an overall shift of the workforce culture, it can be daunting to determine what your office or campus may need.

Bernick’s offers more than office coffee service, and we’re more than a single office beverage supply. Our team of service experts can recommend the best options for vending or a micro market that matches your operation and capacity. Our beverage portfolio is more expansive than most beverage distributors can say, and we’re passionate about bringing coffee solutions to our wide range of corporate customers. Don’t forget beer or cold press on tap – if your office supports a need other than standard workplace beverages!

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“The Bernick’s process is an easy one. It took us less than one month to get our new machine – the bean-to-cup coffee machine – established in our store for our consumers. Our consumers love not having an extra stop along their day, 24 hours a day accommodating every hour and every schedule different people keep.”

– Josh Lund, Beaudry Express

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