49 percent of consumers plan to drink healthier beverages when dining out. The fastest-growing fountain categories are associated with health benefits. Restaurant consumers are increasingly influenced by health reasons when ordering beverages. We seek alternatives and sought after healthier options as a way to fortify customers’ fountain offerings.

Our portfolio is very broad, and unrivaled in several categories. When it comes to acting as a beverage supplier for fountain service, our offerings extend far beyond what’s traditionally found in a CSD (carbonated soft drinks) lineup. Fountains aren’t just for soda anymore.

Innovation is always an initiative of ours and our expert fountain specialists continue to focus on new brands, revamps of the classics, and maintaining the best balance for customers. Introducing customers to new ways to appeal to and delight their customers is a big part of what we do as a beverage supplier.

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“We’re not in the beverage business, we’re in the car business; so for us to be able to have the beverages, cups, condiments all through one vendor makes it so easy. They [Bernick’s] bring the creamer, the sugar, the cups – everything we need. And if we’re running low, they’re quick to get us whatever we need. It’s hands off for us, we never have to worry about it. They proactively come and check our inventories and make sure everything is clean and working – their service is truly amazing. We love Bernick’s!”

– Christy Gilleland, General Manager, Gilleland Ford

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