There is no one size fits all when it comes to fountain service and support. We’ll work with your business to determine specific needs, challenges, and goals. We’ll curate the best beverage program based on menu analysis, data, and industry expertise.

Our goal as your beverage supplier is to deliver the best brands at the best prices. Based on qualifying volume, our customers are able to benefit from competitive pricing that helps boost profit.

As consumers’ preferences shift, it’s crucial for bars and restaurants to adapt to meet those needs. Bernick’s helps the hospitality industry make informed choices to stay competitive and see growth. It’s proven, for example, that a fountain offering 60 percent traditional soda and 40 percent non-carbonated, healthier options see an average 20 percent increase in fountain sales over time.

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“Look at other successful restaurants. Why do they have Bernick’s in there? You know? If you’re thinking ‘Jeepers, I’m starting a restaurant and can’t make any mistakes’ – look at the other success stories. Who are they working with? Bernick’s is working with those successful establishments.”

– Mike Dols, Owner, Coyote Moon Grille

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