How Do I Switch Distributors?

Loyalty is a very big aspect in the beverage distributor business. It’s often the foundation of relationships as well as a core value companies rely on to drive their business forward. What happens when you’re faced with the tough decision to change a part of operations? Is loyalty still a quality you can be proud of as you make decisions that affect it? In the case of switching distributors, we answer a few of your questions on how to mange the process while keeping loyalty in mind for you and your business.

Questions to Ask Your Beverage Distributor

We've previously touched on switching distributors, and some of the positive things that can be garnered when you commit to the change. If you’re considering looking at a new distributor, we bet you have questions....

  1. What is your Pricing?

    Ah yes. That’s often the first question asked when it comes to switching distributors. We’ll get to that, but first, be clear on what your needs are. What kind of business/service/school/location do you represent? A great beverage distributor will want to know how they can best help you and will take a look at your current situation. Determine what you love and what you don’t. If you’re considering a switch in distributors, they should be able to make a recommendation based on a partnership that meets all those needs.
  1. switch_distributor-3.pngWhat kind of service is provided?

    As a distributor we can offer you and your business more than the expected grocery and beverage items that’s often customary. At Bernick’s, we pride ourselves on being innovative, and a thought leader in the industry. We appreciate trends, and keep our customers in mind when expanding our service and selections. You’re interested in soda fountains, including Pepsi’s new Spire machine? We can provide that. You want to furnish your employees’ lounge area with paper supplies or an ice-maker? We’ve got you! Looking for healthy options in a vending machine for your lobby? We also do that. Again, the services we provide will be based on your specific needs … we have plenty of options.

  1. Do you offer additional support?

    You bet we do – it’s one of our favorite aspects of the job! When you switch distributors, we’re looking for loyalty, for a true partner to help you move your business forward, keep your employees happy, and customers’ needs met. Bernick’s is honored to be on the other end of that scenario. Having well designed and fully supported promotions can boost your bottom line, and give you and your business some new buzz. We can help you decide what makes sense, how to execute a great event or promotion, and how to do it fairly given parameters. Your success is important to us, too.

Okay, So Where Do I Begin?

Start by realizing it’s OK to switch distributors. We know it’s a big step, and can seem like an overwhelming, daunting task. A great distributor will make the process as painless as possible. When we meet you, we’ll take stock of your current situation. Again, what works, what doesn’t, and we’ll ask you what your dreams are. We enjoy feeling like we’re part of your business and plans for success.

We’ll get you set up with one of our Area Managers after we’ve negotiated and agreed on equipment, flavors, types, etc. From here, we’ll determine the order and delivery days that make sense for you and your needs. We’ll assess the scheduled install, which is typically three to four weeks out. We’ll also help you establish your exit with your current distributor so you can request equipment removal and unused product credit. 

But Don’t Take It From Us…

Mike Dols, owner of Coyote Moon Grille can attest to this process,

“We had a competitor for 30 years. And they [Bernick’s] said 'just try us.' It was the best decision we’ve ever made. Service is number one, and personality. We became friends with the people at Bernick’s and we feel part of their family. That was one of the points of going with them. They have good product. And very, very, very good service.”

If you’re ready to switch distributors, we’re ready for you. We believe in loyalty just as much as you do.

Talk with a Bernick’s Rep  We know we’re only as good as our people and the products we carry – and we  strive for the best. If you have questions, we’ll get you answers. Let’s Chat!


Published on: Aug 4, 2016

Topics: Beer, Soda Fountain

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