Leighton Media Micro Market Story [VIDEO]

Leighton Media is a local small business with deep roots in downtown St. Cloud. Home of Leighton Broadcasting and its radio stations like KCLD and WILD99 in this community, the brand is also representative of Vye, an inbound marketing agency, and Magnetic Spark, a promotional marketing company. The three entities call Radio City Music Mall on St. Germain home, and comprise about 70 local employees. That team of people across the different businesses also have access to a micro market Bernick's installed a few years ago.

Round-the-Clock People

If you're familiar with radio, you probably know it's a 24/7 industry. The Radio City Music Mall is no different with on-air talent, engineers, support staff, and IT teams working around the clock. The building had vending machines which served an important role for many years. Bob Leighton is Leighton Enterprises' CEO and said he was first introduced to the concept of a micro market in talking with Bernick's, a promotional and on-air customer of Leighton Broadcasting.

"When Bernick's offered to install a micro market in our building, it was a no-brainer. It became very convenient very quickly for employees to run to the micro market to grab a quick lunch or snack as they went about their workdays (or nights, in some cases). The installation was completely painless for us, and to this day, the micro market operates without any issue or concern. It's very good." Bob said. 

Customizable Dining Solutions 

From our side, Wendy Franzwa is part of our Business Development Team. She's on the frontlines of micro market fit discussions, installations, and ongoing support and maintenance as necessary. She was onsite during the Leighton Enterprises micro market install. She said, "There's no one size fits all when it comes to micro markets. Our first step is to meet with customers and learn about their business - location, type, and employees. We ask them what their needs are and how Bernick's can help. Together we determine if a micro market is a solution."

Wendy shared some of the considerations that go into a micro market decision:

Wendy concluded, "What I like about working with teams like Leighton Enterprises is being part of the new culture we can bring its people. It's fun to introduce people to the new options they have and offer them a hands-on experience with their dining options. They can check a product to see if it's gluten-free, for example. It really brings a whole new feel to the break room."

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Published on: May 23, 2018

Topics: Vending, Community, Micro Market

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