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The Common Mistake

When people think about micro markets, sometimes it doesn't invoke a sense of wonder or bliss; instead, it summons a picture of a few store shelves crammed into a corner somewhere. Micro markets can solve many problems for a company. We love micro markets and believe that they can have the same effect that traditional stores and boutiques have: inspiring a sense of awe in its customers. For too long, companies that install micro market vending solutions haven’t understood how to make micro market vending kiosks unique. Keep reading to find out why they're on the rise.

You can leverage the same ideas that boutiques and grocery stores use to make your micro market have a sense of belonging and wonder; the best part is that this can transform micro market vending machines from notorious eyesores into artistic places in which employees yearn to spend their time. Here are a few common ways to transform your micro market vending kiosk.

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Count on Convenience

Some people have some qualms with micro market vending companies because they don’t understand the necessity of convenience. Too many times we’ve seen micro markets that don’t cater to the needs of the customers as they shop.

For one, customers need baskets to carry multiple items. Micro market vending machines can be a great resource for people who are looking to grab a few snacks or other items lining the shelves but not having a convenient method for carrying all of those items can dissuade the customers from purchasing multiple items. Even worse is the fact that some customers simply may give up on their purchase altogether out of pure frustration.

Secondly, your micro market vending kiosk should have a surface near the checkout center for customers to set their things down. This is a complaint that micro market vending companies receive often. If you look inside of your micro market and see a multitude of customers carrying a bundle of items in their arms to check out, it’s safe to say that those customers are probably a little annoyed at the lack of foresight on the part of the installer. We like to make sure that there is a place to set your items for a quick and easy getaway.

Lastly, make sure your aisles are categorized efficiently and that all products are visible to the customer. Be sure there is an ample amount of product information for consumers who may have questions. Display instructions for your customers who may have never encountered a micro market before. All of these things make your micro market less of an eyesore and ensure that it looks like an integrated part of your business. Bernick’s practices these convenience-enhancing techniques all the time, and we encourage others to do the same.

Here's a 360 degree view of one of our customer's micro markets for inspiration:



Promotions are a fun topic because the word “promotions” can be interpreted in two ways. First, promotions can be sales or bundles. We love putting a few displays up with sales information or product information. This really brings things together and makes micro market vending kiosks stand out as something more than a few shelves on the wall. It goes a long way to presenting micro market vending machines as bonafide manifestations of a traditional supermarket. We want our micro markets to be unique, and promotional materials make it easy.

The word “promotions” can also simply mean promoting products that cater to your audience. If you work in an office that has a lot of international employees, it would be great to incorporate a few products that they like. Maybe your office has a couple of chocolate junkies, so make sure you have the stuff in droves. But lastly, make sure you have products that cater to your employees' socioeconomic status. The last thing you should line the shelves with is caviar if your employees salaries don't support that spending.

Make It Your Own

This one is pretty obvious, but you would be surprised how many people forget. Give your micro market vending machines some flavor by decorating. The micro market is your own after all. Make it a warm and inviting place by decorating the walls and putting furniture nearby. Place knick-knacks on the countertops and add splashes of color to make the place stand out.

A lot of people think they can’t touch a micro market after it has been installed. Nothing could be further from the truth; and in fact, we encourage you to go wild with it once we’re done. Integrate aspects of your office aesthetic into the area and go crazy. We want your micro market to feel like home, and we don’t mind if you shake things up in order to do so. Make it your own.

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Published on: Nov 21, 2019

Topics: Micro Market

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