Seven Reasons to Update Your Vending Machines

Midday snacking at work happens to the best of us. Sometimes we can't predict our belly grumbles, and the vending machine is our only saving grace from utter hanger - hunger so crippling one becomes angry and agitated. But often times, your vending options fall short. Micro market vending can be the answer to a hungry workplace, but those old machines need to go.

It's time to perform a vending machine audit to determine which products can stay and which ones should be replaced. It's time to look forward to the next fiscal year and determine what you can make better, and your vending machines are an easy and impactful place to start. We know you may be skeptical to update your machines or even upgrade to a micro market. Don't worry, this blog will convince you. Here are seven reasons to update your vending machines.

1. It’s Time for a Health Overhaul

What people have come to expect and love in vending machines, like their favorite brands, still holds true. But, there’s always room for improvement. Micro market vending companies like Bernick's can allow you to explore some nutritional options. Adding in healthier alternatives and options alongside the standbys give your vending machine consumers choices, which is ultimately what everyone wants. Doritos? Baked Lays? M&M’s? A Kind Bar? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Workplace vending options often have the same old thing, but performing a vending machine audit can give you some insight into how you can make simple additions that enrich your workplace. 

2. Variety is the Spice of … Everything

If you have standard vending machines for soda, water, and candy/snacks, you may have heard some feedback or requests for different products. Your vending machine audit will tell you if some of your product choices are in need of some variety. But sometimes the options you want to stock won't be compatible with your old machine.

Bernick's Employee Treating Guest at Micro Market

Beverages that aren’t vended in traditional sizes or shapes – like 20oz. bottles – can’t be stocked in standard soft drink vending machines. With micro market vending machines, you have the ability to stock all of your favorites, and put a few healthy options on the shelves for your workers. Not sure you’re eligible for a machine upgrade? Consult with our micro market specialists to discuss how much product you’re moving and determine the best solution.

3. Your Patrons Aren’t the Cash-Carrying Kind

If your vending machines are in a public or high-traffic area, you might be eligible for vending machines that accept credit and debit cards. Again, this isn’t a viable option for everyone, but if it makes the most sense for managing your demand and volume, then it should be pursued. Micro market vending is a great choice for high volume and comes equipped with the ability to take electronic payments. Your employees will never have to beg coworkers for a dollar again. You simply choose your item, scan it, pay with a card, and get back to work. As you perform your vending machine audit, think about installing a micro market vending machine to deal with high volumes and card-carrying Millennials.

4. New Machines for a New Aesthetic

Your new location/office/campus/store/building should be equipped with hardware that matches the clean, organized aesthetic you’re going for. It might be a good time to update your vending machines if your Pepsi machine or snack vending machine has been around for a while. We love micro market vending, and so will you. These machines allow shoppers to browse shelves as they would at the supermarket, and check out with their items in tow. Micro market vending companies can stock those shelves with local products that have more nutrients than your average bag of chips. 

Standard Vending Machine Sizes

When considering placing a vending machine in your business it's important to talk about size.

Most vending machines range in height from 66 to 72 inches. Vending machines also range in width from 29 to 38 inches, depending on how many options you'd like to stock. Finally, most vending machines range in depth from 28 to 35 inches, depending on what the machine stocks as well as how it dispenses the items. It may also be important to discuss weight. The average vending machine weighs 500 pounds, but can be as heavy as 750 pounds. Micro market vending machines are often a smaller alternative, provided that you have enough shelf room to display the products you have selected.  

5. Make Your Branding Consistent

If you have a health initiative in your building or location, tell your vending machine patrons about it. If you want people to know how important it is to combat fatigue with hydration and snacking, tell them about it. If you want to brand your vending machines with your logo or tagline to unify your messaging across any location, find a vending partner with an in-house marketing team that can assist with the design and messaging strategy. Those are just some of the solutions that Bernick's can help you with. With micro market vending, this is incredibly easy.

When was the last time you saw a decorated vending machine? We'll bet you said "never". A micro market is customizable because of how freeing it is. Feel free to decorate and brand the micro market to make it your own. Put your slogan on the wall and make some posters showcasing your health initiatives. We love it when a company takes pride in their messaging, and a micro market allows you to shout your company message to every patron. 

6. You Value Your Customer or Employee’s Experience

You might think in the grand scheme of things that a vending machine is just a source of quenching hunger or thirst. In reality, your vending machine options are seen as perks. Perks for your employees, perks for your tenants, and perfect for you because vending is hassle-free. 

Micro Market from Bernick's

A vending machine audit will help you understand that workers are in a bind. They want healthy food but don't have time to run to the supermarket deli on their breaks. So they turn to the vending machines stocked with unhealthy food. This food makes them unhealthy and eventually sick, meaning that they'll be calling in to work more often looking for a day of recovery. Your snacking options directly contribute to the health and happiness of your employees, so let them have some great food to choose from.  

7. Green is Everyone’s Favorite Color

Your vending machines are no doubt plugged into an outlet, so consider upgrading your vending machines with energy-friendly machines like the ones you can find in micro market vending. People forget these machines are running 24/7, so even if you’re content with the machines you have, you should still consider checking options for increased efficiency. PepsiCo is part of the global initiative called Refrigerants Naturally! which has made major strides in reducing HFC emissions over the past few years.

In summation, this initiative is lowering the cost for organizations that spend hundreds of dollars a year on vending machines. Luckily, you can upgrade these machines at little cost when you partner with us. We make sure that our options, especially micro market vending machines, reduce emissions and save you money in more ways than one. Now that you've completed your vending machine audit, think about these points and ask yourself if a micro market is right for your organization. We think so, but we encourage you to talk to a specialist who can answer all your questions. 

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Published on: Nov 21, 2019

Topics: Vending, News

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