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There are vending machines, and then there are Bernick’s vending machines. With our solution there’s no investment for our customers. All we need is space and power – we take care of the rest. That alone makes us different, but there’s more to our vending machine service than installation. Our team of vending experts meets with customers to review their needs and unique business requirements to ensure the vending solution they want will ultimately meet those needs.

Our vending machines are customizable – for both payment options and food and beverage selections. A micro market acts as a stand-alone convenience store-type vending option, enabling consumers to browse shelves, cooler space, and beverage stations before making a purchase at a kiosk. Traditional vending machines offer both food and beverages including chilled, fresh options. Today, vending technology is even more innovative and intuitive, and better inventory management means less out of stock instances. Bernick’s is a trusted vending machine company with decades of service to our name.

The Qualifying Bernick’s Vending Guidelines

There’s a special kind of “math” our vending team likes to use when determining if vending machine or system integration makes sense for customers. This outline helps us gauge the success our customers can have with a vending machine onsite, and ensures a mutually beneficial relationship.

Other considerations:

Location matters. Bernick’s goal is to place vending machines in high traffic areas that are secure and products will be purchased a minimum of 10 times a day. This ratio is usually easily supported by an office of 40. Looking for hot beverage options? An office coffee station may also be an option if your team typically brews between six and eight pots of coffee a day.

Food + Beverages on-the-Go for a Fast Paced World

Vending machines used to be viewed as a thrill – the chance to choose soda, candy, or a favorite salty snack as an out of the ordinary treat away from home. Those options still exist today, but the concept of vending has changed – for the better. Bernick’s vending program offers consumers simple classic snacks, healthy choices, and handmade, locally prepared full-fledged meals.

Vending Machines

50 percent of people’s waking hours at typically spent at work, and it’s not unusual for people to eat at least two of their daily meals at their workplace, plus snacks and caffeine breaks. What food and beverage choices do you have in place to meet the needs of your employees, guests, or tenants? It’s time to upgrade your employee breakroom.

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Micro Markets

Imagine a mini-convenience store inside your break room, filled with hundreds of product selections for coworkers. Open 24 hours, without any additional staffing needs.

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The Healthy Choice

Bernick’s offers healthier choice options so your customers can feel good about their choices on the go. 91 percent of people overall regard the nutrition label before making a food or beverage selection. Health isn’t a current trend; it’s an overall shift in consumer behavior that’s here to stay.

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“The Bernick’s process is an easy one. It took us less than one month to get our new machine – the bean-to-cup coffee machine – established in our store for our consumers. Our consumers love not having an extra stop along their day, 24 hours a day accommodating every hour and every schedule different people keep.”

– Josh Lund, Beaudry Express

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