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The workplace dynamic is changing as the millennial generation continues its climb as the biggest age group in the workforce. With that change comes other changes too, like how 53 percent of those aged between 18-34 expect to alter their eating habits for the better in the next year. 91 percent of people overall regard the nutrition label before making a food or beverage selection. Health isn’t a current trend; it’s an overall shift in consumer behavior that’s here to stay.

Healthy food choices are easily supported by Bernick’s vending service. Our proprietary label EATS – Enjoyable and Tasty Selections – is a direct response to the current state of the food and beverage landscape and available in traditional vending machines and micro markets. Healthy choices are easy to make when people have the options presented to them in an appealing, accessible way. Our vending solutions are the best of both worlds – healthy, handmade food prepared locally, and the indulgence category, which is still very relevant to consumers. A little chocolate never hurt anyone!

EATS has been our biggest commitment to our vending business to date. It’s called upon our culinary team’s creativity and strengthened our position on healthy choices across all lines of business, not just vending. EATS labels offer a cohesive, recognizable point of differentiation for Bernick’s, and by offering healthy food choices in your vending machines, your company or building will continue to meet the needs of its people. 

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“At the end of the day, it’s less about your portfolio or what you sell. Your word and your follow-through are what’s important. I expect the people who say they’re going to take care of it, to actually take care of it. It’s accountability and reliability. I need both in order to be successful in serving my customers, which Bernick’s offers.”

– Sean Rooney, Lakeland Cooperative

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