It’s Time to Ask More of Your Employee Breakroom

It’s often true that the little things mean the most to people. Investing a little more time and creativity into your employee breakrooms or casual dining areas means investing in your culture and community. A micro market starts with food, and ends with happiness.

Get a Micromarket in your Business

What is a Micro Market

Micro markets are a new way of vending. It’s a self-serve vending model that grants people freedom and accessibility of fresh food and beverages any time of day. Companies are embracing the micro market as a way to meet the needs of their workplace. An onsite micro market kiosk enables people the ability to find fresh, local, innovative food right where they work.

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Micro Market Benefits

The biggest benefit of a Bernick’s micro market is how little effort or maintenance you’ll have! Everything from installation to product inventory and security falls on our team, enabling you to stay focused on what and where you need to. A self-serve vending kiosk may not viewed as a typical workplace perk – and that’s because micro markets are anything but typical. Ask your employees how they’ll view access to a variety of fresh foods and beverages. We guarantee the word “perk” will sneak in there.

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Planning & Options for a Micro Market

Installation and maintenance of a Bernick’s micro market doesn’t require a complete overhaul of your current space or a separate line item in your budget. Bernick’s handles all delivery and installation and there’s no cost to our micro market customers – no rental fees or agreements or monthly leases.

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“We have an excellent, excellent relationship with Bernick’s. Bernick’s is so responsive. That adds to their reliability. Service is really, really important to us. A company of our size with as many employees as we have needs to count on supplier and vendor partners who understand how important it is for us to keep daily operations moving each and every day.”

– Joan VanderWeyst, Wolters Kluwer

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Experience a Micro Market

Dura Supreme Cabinetry in Howard Lake, MN installed a micro market for their employees. Use the arrows to get a 360 view of the space.

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