Micro Market Benefits Include Attracting More Visitors

Micro markets tend to attract 18 percent more visits per day than traditional vending options. An average workday spans breakfast, lunch, and in-between snacking. Your company might even cater to overnights or a second shift. Granting people the option of onsite fresh food and beverages no matter the time of day can happen with a micro market. Bernick’s offers a portfolio second to none making the products available in a micro market appealing to visitors.

Our focus on local, handcrafted meal items elevates our micro markets adding quality to the overall experience, thus driving loyalty and continued support from the people of your building.

Micro market benefits extend to managing the expectation of people within an office or building, too. 91 percent of Americans consider nutritional content before choosing their food, while 88 percent of consumers are willing to pay more for healthier food – two statistics that are fully supported by a micro market. Your organization will also have the added benefit of fostering culture and community – food always brings people together. 

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“Bernick’s is so collaborative and it just seems like a team approach, which is the main reason I have been so vocal about supporting them, and opening up our space for other local companies to come check out. When I talk to people in town, I tell people I think they should look at it [micro market]. I have confidence Bernick’s will not let them down.”

– Steve Windfeldt, Preferred Credit Inc. (PCI)

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