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A micro market is a dedicated, stand-alone market area offering food and beverages that are available in coolers or in shelving units. There are meal items ranging from breakfast to lunch, and hearty snacks plus a full range of hot and cold beverages. Individuals choose items as they wish and pay for them using a self-serve payment kiosk that’s easy to use and customizable by location. Typical micro market payment options are cash, cards, personal identification numbers, fingerprint swipe, or ID cards. It’s all dependent upon your location and its occupants.

A micro market uses primary dedicated Internet connections, electrical outlets, and occasionally, a water supply to connect to fountain or coffee machines. There aren’t other requirements for space or usage, making vending micro markets a viable option for a wide range of locations.

Why choose a micro market alongside (or in place of) traditional vending machines? If your company or building has around 100 people on premise each day, that’s a lot of decisions being made about meals, snacks, and hydration. Helping people choose healthy, convenient nourishment to fuel their workdays allows for productivity – which in turn leads to lower stress, more concentration, creativity, and overall success. 

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“Bernick’s brings a lot of things to the table. I like that they’re local. You know the food is fresh, and not out of Atlanta or anywhere. The micro market is so easy. That’s the biggest feedback we’ve gotten positively – that it’s just convenient for people. Surprisingly enough, our coffee selection – we have various machines and employees can even get a cappuccino – is seen as a big perk at Marco. We’re proud to offer food and beverage items that people appreciate. The variety is pretty great.”

– Scott Roeder, Marco

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